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This week Dynamite Entertainment has given us an exclusive, extended look at PETER CANNON: THUNDERBOLT #7, WHEEL OF TIME: THE EYE OF THE WORLD #33 and JIM BUTCHER'S DRESDEN FILES: GHOUL GOBLIN #3. The extended previews gives us a closer look at what we can expect to see in these three Dynamite titles for this week. For more Dynamite previews of the publisher's upcoming new releases, check the link on our previews board, here.


FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

Written by Steve Darnall & Alex Ross

Art by Jonathan Lau

Cover by Alex Ross, Stephen Segovia

In "Pyramid Schemes," Peter Cannon is in Egypt, where he learns some disturbing facts about the missing Princess Ahmoset. Meanwhile, as Thunderbolt, his plans to summon the dragon once more bring him into contact with the explosive Sons of Adam!

== TEASER ==



32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

Written by Robert Jordan, Chuck Dixon

Art by Francis Nuguit

Cover by Adam Moore

Moiraine has at last delivered Rand and the others safely to the realm of the Green Man, where the Eye of the World rests and the last battle shall take place. But they are not the only ones who have found this place -- Balthamel and Aginor, two of the Forsaken, have found their way there as well, and now they know precisely who they're looking for.



FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

Written by Jim Butcher, Mark Powers

Art by Joseph Cooper

Cover by Ardian Syaf

Harry’s traveled from his home turf of Chicago to investigate a series of inexplicable murders in a small Missouri town. He’s already managed to turn half the burg against him, with the other half’s motives even murkier. And that’s not even taking the Ghoul and Goblin who’ve both separately nearly killed him. Unfortunately, they may have succeeded in murdering the eldest of the cursed family he’s trying to protect—a man who harbors his own dark secrets.
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Alex Ross covers never disappoint

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So intrigued by Wheel of Time...I really am. Sword and sorcery in comics are a wonderful combination.

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That Alex Ross cover kicks ass

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Woot! Go Dresden Files!

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Dude! I had no idea Wheel Of Time had an ongoing comic. I mean I knew they did one for the prequel books but I'm honestly thinking about getting into this series after this preview. Looks like they're about to conclude the events of the first book in this issue or the next based on what I'm reading here. All the characters that I can discern look pretty faithful from their novel counterparts. If the cover is any indication it looks like they've nailed the design on Aginor, Balthamel, and The Green Man. I can't tell if Lan's cape is shifting colors the way it's suppose to for Warders.

I remember really loving those books. I think I'd prefer looking at this art instead of slogging through Jordan's labyrinthine narration just to reread the events of first book. This format appears to suit it much better than a generic live action high fantasy production would have. I'm about 4 books behind in the actual series and just can't find the time to get back into it. Need to look into getting some trades for WoT. Thanks for this preview!

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Hmm, my dad is a insanely HUGE Wheel of Time fan. I wonder what he'll think of this?