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Dynamite Entertainment has given Comic Vine an extended, exclusive look at three of their titles this week. Check out the extended previews of the books below, and don't forget to check out the rest of Dynamite's previews for this week, here.


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +
Written by DAVID LISS
Fans, ask your retailer for the variant incentive cover!
• CASSADAY black & white art cover retailer incentive
A ruthless crime lord is on the rise. The clock is ticking on a politician's life. Only The Spider stands a chance of stopping the Wingman before he strikes and sends the city spiraling into chaos, but can he do it alone? It's the return of Ronald Jackson, one of the pulp-era Spider's most trusted associates!
== TEASER ==



32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +
Written by MIKE RAICHT
Barnabas Collins and his family are still reeling from their encounter with The Children and their sire. The brutal war has left those closest to Barnabas questioning his very nature. However, with a possible cure in his hands, will this 175 year old vampire finally be free of his vampiric curse? Or will remaining a vampire show once and for all that you don't need to be human to prove you have a noble soul?



32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +
Covers by ALEX ROSS (main), ED TADEO (1:10)
Fans, ask your retailer for this variant incentive cover!
• ROSS “virgin art” cover retailer incentive
While the Secret of Bigfoot may be solved, a host of new questions emerge and the answers have Steve seeing red! With an unlikely ally by his side and a mysterious enemy in his crosshairs, Steve finds himself deep inside dangerous territory. But what he finds there may spell the end for the Bionic Man. Part 3 of The Secret of Bigfoot pits Steve against his strangest and most deadly adversary yet!
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lol. why not just uplload the whole issues, or at least put spoiler tabs on a some of the pages.

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Agree hahaha but man, great art on the spider, it's just wow :)

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The title of this article made me feel like an idiot for about three seconds. I saw BIONIC MAN, and for some reason I thought, "Oh, they're making a spin off of BIONIC WOMAN." A few seconds later, I remembered that the BIONIC MAN TV series came first before any of this. That was a forehead slapping moment, right there.

It's been a tiring week, so far.


What were you expecting from an article titled "Exclusive Extended Previews"?

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Finally we see more updates on Spider #6! I've been waiting to get this since last month to finish the current first arc. And the other two titles are simply awesome!

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The interior artwork on The Spider is as good as cover art on most other issues. I can't wait till this is out in trade.

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I LOVE Dark Shadows its not campy like that silly movie with Johnny depp. Its one of the two soap opera comics I read, the other being Life with Archie

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I despise vampires. I think it's messed up that they've gotten so popular. But Dark Shadows looks real cool! I'm actually interested in this comic, the tv show, and the movie. Go figure.

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@Miss_Garrick: Avoid the movie at all costs or you will lose your love of Dark Shadows, unless you of course were a fan of the original show.

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@Nova`Prime`: I haven't seen the original show yet, and the movie doesn't look too bad. It's always best to remember when watching a movie based on a tv show, that it usually will be a whole separate continuity with very little in common with the tv show.

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@Miss_Garrick: Very true, but there is at least something in common other then characters. The movie is nothing like the show.. its a deliberate comedy where as the show was only funny because of the bad soap opera dialogue and effects.