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If you're looking for action in your comic books this week, Dynamite Entertainment is looking to deliver and satisfy your needs. Each week they give us an exclusive extended preview to get a longer look at what we can expect in a certain title. This week they've given us three extended previews. Check them out.

You can check out the regular previews to all Dynamite's titles here.


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

Written by GARTH ENNIS


Covers by ALEX ROSS (25%), HOWARD CHAYKIN (25%), JOHN CASSADAY (25%), SEAN CHEN (25%)

Fans, ask your retailer for these variant incentive covers!

• HOWARD CHAYKIN “Blood red” cover retailer incentive

• SEAN CHEN Black & white cover retailer incentive

• ALEX ROSS “Virgin art” cover retailer incentive

• JOHN CASSADAY Black & white cover retailer incentive

Exactly who the Shadow might be- or who he once was- is the subject of some grim speculation by Taro Kondo and Buffalo Wong, but the answer may be closer than either suspects. Meanwhile, Cranston and Margo come face to face with the full horror of the Japanese occupation... and on the River Yangtze, a deadly ambush awaits the unwary.

Check out what the Spider will do to deal with his enemies.


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

Written by DAVID LISS



As Anput unleashes unparalleled destruction upon New York City, The Spider will knock down any door and bust any head to learn his enemy’s secrets, but his investigations into Anput machinations lead him directly to his own father’s company. With the city facing ruin and the police powerless, Anput prepares for her final victory, but The Spider prepares to take the fight to her. Loyalties are tested and relationships fray, but The Spider will stop at nothing to seek justice. It’s 22 pages of pulp action and mayhem with a contemporary flair!

And if you like your action off planet, check out what John Carter is up to this week.


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Mature



Covers by JOE JUSKO (50%), LUCIO PARRILLO (50%)

Fans, ask your retailer for these variant incentive covers!

LUCIO PARRILLO “virgin art” cover retailer incentive

“RISQUÉ ART” cover retailer incentive

Issus is dead, but her high priest has activated a doomsday device that will destroy Mars's fragile atmosphere. Before they can shut it down, John Carter and his son Carthoris have to figure out where it is! Helping them is Linea, a beautiful black Martian princess with a very special heritage. Linea and Carthoris start to click, and a union between the black and red races could be just what the wounded planet needs. But unknown horrors await the young lovers at the end of their quest.

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The Spider kind of a dick.

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warlord of mars is on my trade wait list

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The Spider has been excellent so far. He isn't likable when he isn't behind the mask, though.

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I love me some Spider

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The Shadow is pure comic book poetry to me, I'm loving every issue more than the first. The Spider is great, but I'm just bummed Ross isn't doing cover art for it anymore. And Warlord of Mars is just...I cannot describe the words of greatness that it is.

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Always love those Warlord of Mars covers

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That's a pretty weird cover for Warlord Of Mars.

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@RedheadedAtrocitus: I wonder if the'll be any infighting between the Shadow and Spider or with the other heroes in the "Mask" crossover?