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Each week Dynamite Entertainment gives us an exclusive extended look at some of their new releases. You can check out previews for all their new releases HERE.


Chris Roberson (w)

Giovanni Timpano (a)

Alex Ross, Jason Shawn Alexander (c)

Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!


Francesco Francavilla Original Art retailer incentive cover

Alex Ross “virgin art” retailer incentive cover

Alex Ross sketch art” retailer incentive cover

FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

The Shadow has pieced together the origins of the mysterious killer known only as the Light, and has at last uncovered her true identity. But will that knowledge do him any good, as the Shadow and the Light face off against each other for one last showdown? And will either of them survive the encounter?


David Liss (w)

Ivan Rodriguez (a)

Colton Worley (c)

FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

When The Fly raises the technological stakes, The Spider is bested at his own game. With his network crumbling, his company failing, and his friends helpless, Richard Wentworth faces enemies on all fronts. With fierce battles on New York streets and in skyscraper boardrooms, has The Spider finally met his match?


Mark Rahner (w)

Lui Antonio (a)

Jay Anacleto (a)


Walter Geovani “risqué art” retailer incentive cover

Mel Rubi “risqué art” retailer incentive cover

Alé Garza “risqué art” retailer incentive cover

FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Mature

Shaken from her near-dismemberment, Dejah Thoris must outwit the Thark terrorists set on destroying the new, peaceful status quo! The princess must also stay ahead of a former royal suitor whose prying could expose everything… and ignite a war!

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Oh gawd! I the whole noir/ diesel punk feel of The Spider!

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@jwalser3: yeah spider looks awesome. I want the to read some dynamite. Like green hornet or black bat

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Awesome !! Love the art

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I hate to see The Spider ending, but at least Liss will be writing Shadow Now and the new Sherlock Holmes mini-series.

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@allstarsuperman: You should check out Dynamite's pulp titles. I really enjoy reading them. I would highly recommend both The Black Bat and The Green Hornet. They will have different feels to them since The Black Bat is a modern take on a pulp hero while The Green Hornet is set during the traditional pulp era. The Spider is unfortunately ending soon, but it is a great read and is the first Dynamite pulp title I started reading. The Shadow is also very good, but he is kind of like the "Batman" or "Wolverine" of Dynamite's pulp titles and seems to show up everywhere so it might be difficult to find a jumping on point with that character. If you are interested though I can recommend a good jumping on point for the main title. Dynamite also has a lot of pulp miniseries going on right now that are good so you could always check those out too, like Masks for example.

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@jwalser3: yeah spider looks awesome. I want the to read some dynamite. Like green hornet or black bat

Highly recommend Spider and Black Bat!

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I love their work on Terminator. I like to collect The Shadow now.

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@jwalser3: @swagner017: yeah i saw masks, but i didnt really know anyone ather than Green Hornet. are there trades of these titles? i couldnt find a trade for black bat at all. and whats better Mark waids Green Hornet or DareDevil?

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@allstarsuperman: Black Bat is only on issue 5. So I don't see a trade coming out for awhile.

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oh ok. im torn between Dynimate and Vailiant. but i dont want to drop all DC titles....

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Such great stories! Definitely excited for the conclusion of the current Shadow story, and I still miss Colton Worley doing the interiors of Spider, even if that is one awesome cover. And with Dejah, I've never had a bad thing to say about the title yet.

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I am somewhat surprised that they keep adding to the Dejah title. Originally it was supposed to be a 4 part series, then 8 and now 12.

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@allstarsuperman: Dynamite does have trades for some of the pulp titles that have been out for a while. The Shadow has 2 trades out, The Spider has 1 trade with another coming out in the near future, and Masks also has a trade. The titles that are newer to the pulp line (The Black Bat, Waid's Green Hornet, and Miss Fury) are only at issue 5 so they would be easier to catch up on if you find the issues at a comic book store. It will be a little while before the trades come out for these titles. Though it is not related to Waid's Green Hornet continuity, if you are looking for trades I would highly recommend Green Hornet Year One (there are 2 volumes).

Related to some of your other questions, I personally enjoy reading Daredevil a little more than Green Hornet by Waid, but both are really good in their own way. You said you were torn between Valiant and Dynamite so I would recommend sampling a couple different titles from each. Valiant had a $1 first issue special going on at one point which was a good way to sample all of their titles and see if their is something you would like to invest in. Another option is downloading the Valiant bundle on Comixology to sample more of the titles. For Dynamite I would try getting a couple issues of Black Bat and Green Hornet to see if you like them.

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@swagner017: for Valiant ive tried:

XO manowar 15-16: i like it more for Eternal Warrior then Aric but im still getting the XO Manowar hardcover in november.

Eternal Warrior: i will pick this up today, i alreay know i love it. GREG PAK!

Harbinger 15: I hated this, it was some lame.

Shadowman 1: it was awesome

Bloodshot and HARD corps 14: i will pick this up next week. dont know what to expect.

Archer and Armstrong, and Quantum and Woody dont really interest me at all.


i havent tried anything yet but i want to try Green Hornet (and Year one), Black Bat, and maybe Masks.