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Each week we post some exclusive, extended previews of some of Dynamite Entertainment's titles. This week the publisher has provided us exclusive, extended previews for THE BIONIC MAN #17, DEJAH THORIS #23 and VAMPIRELLA #27 before these issues hit comic shops tomorrow. Check them out as well as the rest of the previews for Dynamite Entertainment's titles in stores tomorrow, here.


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

Written by Aaron Gillespie

Art by Ed Tadeo

Covers by Mike Mayhew (main), Ed Tadeo (1:10)

Fans, ask your retailer for the variant incentive cover!

• Mayhew “virgin art” cover retailer incentive

Part one of an exciting new story arc! The country of Libue is in the bloody throes of a desperate rebellion. While a brutal dictator uses whatever means necessary to squash the rebels, the American government orders OSI to locate and disarm Libue’s nuclear missles before they go rogue. Steve plunges into the unforgiving desert on the hunt for the nukes, but finding them could be far tougher and deadlier than the Bionic Man bargained for.
== TEASER ==



32 pages FC • $3.99 • Mature

Written by Robert Place Napton

Art by Debora Carita

Covers by Paul Renaud (50%), Fabiano Neves (50%)

Fans, ask your retailer for the variant incentive cover!

• RISQUÉ retailer incentive cover

A lost city and an unexpected storm give Dejah Thoris and Kantos Kan more than can handle when they are entrusted to protect a bratty young princess with a price on her head!



32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

Written by Brandon Jerwa

Art by Heubert Kahn Michael

Covers by Paul Renaud (33%), Lucio Parrillo (33%), Faniabo Neves (33%)

Fans, ask your retailer for the variant incentive cover!

• RISQUÉ ORIGINAL ART retailer incentive cover

The 2-part "Theories of Relativity" story begins here! Secrets - and maybe a little blood - are certain to be spilled when Vampirella finds herself in the midst of an unexpected family reunion. The revelations don't stop there - we're also pulling back the curtain to reveal the origin stories of Criswell and The Conjuress! How are they connected, and what does their bond have to do with Vampirella's mother, Lilith?
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Great covers ! BM looks very hyper-real.

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Dejah Thoris, the most sensual woman in the universe!!

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I'm starting to like Dejah Thoris more and more.

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im sorry but i will never understand the point of the golden pasties...

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Fabiano Neves kills it on covers each time for Dynamite I tell you. And I'm really digging Lilith right now...

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I am having a hard time with the interior art on Dejah, even when the stories have been pretty good.