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Each week Dynamite Entertainment provides Comic Vine with exclusive, extended previews of some of their upcoming titles. This week the publishing house has given us an extended look at FLASH GORDON: ZEITGEIST #9, THE GREEN HORNET #33, PANTHA #6, and the VAMPIRELLA ARCHIVES VOL. 6 HC. Check out the previews for these books below and let us know which of them you are most looking forward to. Don't forget to check out the rest of the Dynamite Entertainment previews, here.


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

Written by Eric Trautmann AND Alex Ross

Art by Ron Adrian

Cover by Alex Ross

Ming has been defeated! Long live Flash Gordon! Following the daring assault on Mingo City, peace reigns across the kingdoms of Mongo…or does it? The dethroned Emperor's reach is long, old enmities still smolder between rival Kings, and Flash Gordon, Dale Arden, and Dr. Hans Zarkov discover just how alien a world Mongo really is.
== TEASER ==



32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

Written by Jai Nitz

Art by Jethro Morales

Covers by Phil Hester (50%), Stephen Sadowski (50%)

The events of Arms Race leave the Green Hornet family in ruin. Beaten, broken, dead, and missing, the vigilantes of Century City sink into the shadows. But the city still stands, and it still needs a champion. A new Green Hornet flies across the skyline. A new chapter begins here!



32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

Written by Brandon Jerwa

Art by Pow Rodrix

Cover by Mark Texeira

The war is over, and a new day is dawning for the world. Pantha and Pendragon just want to relax, but it's not going to be easy; there's a mystery afoot, and it centers around Pantha's mystical amulet!



392 pages FC • $49.99 • Mature

Written by Archie Goodwin, Doug Moench, RichMargopoulos, Flaxman Loew, Fernando Fernandez, Gerry Boudreau and Steve Skeates

Art by Jose Gonzalez, Auraleon, Luis Bermejo, Paul Neary and Ramon Torrents

Cover by Enrich

Featuring the best in iconic horror, science fiction and fantasy, comes Vampirella Archives Volume 6! Starting off with issue #36 which celebrates the 5th anniversary of Vampirella and her magazine and ending the volume with #42. All the best in the industry are featured in this collection showcasing memorable classics by Archie Goodwin, Jose Gonzalez, Esteban Moroto, Felix Mas, Sanjulian, Enrich and countless others.
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I love what Dynamite are doing with their line of pulp comics, really love it. I find it genuinely exciting (though that Pantha art is really, quite bad). Oh and

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@feebadger: Thanks for the heads up, it should be fixed now :)

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The title of the VAMPIRELLA should be "She Who Waits for a Complete Costume". Many of the Dynamite brands remind me of all those cheesy Grind House films, but without that tongue-in-cheak self awareness.

The Gore in that GREEN HORNET is surprising, but it annoys me when people write about mysteries with no sense of evidence. At least watch a couple episodes of CSI.

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Haven't read Green Hornet in a while. Can someone fill me in on what happened to Britt Jr.?

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Flash Gordon looks really neat.

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What is General Krang doing in Pantha? (Yup, completely and sarcastically ignorant over here.)

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Soooooo the Green Hornet is basically Iron Man now?

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Death to Ming? Looks cool.

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@Miss_Garrick: Flash Gordon is beyond neat. it is awesomeness incarnate......

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Green Hornet, ugh! those text boxes on pages 1 and 3. Yellow text on bright chartreuse. My retinas!

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Well that Green Hornet costume just reminds me of Beetle Borgs.

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So now Green Hornet is Kamen Rider?

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@Trodorne said:

@Miss_Garrick: Flash Gordon is beyond neat. it is awesomeness incarnate......

yea it needs more love

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@Jonny_Anonymous: yes.

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@sparty-dbq: Actually, it looks like they're ripping off Blue Beetle.

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Flash Gordon and Pantha look great! But all that nonsense in Green Hornet simply cements the fact that i wont read it.

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I need to reed Flash Gordon.

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@NightFang said:

I need to reed Flash Gordon.

You and everyone else.

Did anyone else notice the Stargate in Pantha there?

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FG Zeitgeist, awesome. GH is simply moving. Pantha you gotta love. But its that Vampi collection HC that I'm really interested in...