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Previews can often determine whether or not you're going to try picking up a new comic. Each week we give you a longer look at selected Dynamite Entertainment comics. You can check out the regular versions of this week's Dynamite comics HERE. Below you can find some extended previews for BIONIC WOMAN, EVIL ERNIE and GREEN HORNET.


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

Written by PAUL TOBIN



There's blood on the streets when Jaime Sommers makes her last stand against the Mission, but whose blood has been spilled, and what will it mean to the Bionic Woman's future? And... even if Jaime can survive the Mission, even if her friends live through the day, even if OSI doesn't draw her back into the net, there's a new army just waiting for the Bionic Woman, an army of sophisticated robots disguised as women! An army called... the Fembots!
== TEASER ==



32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

Written by Jesse Blaze Snider

Art by Jason Craig

Covers by Ardian Syaf (25%), Dan Brereton (25%), Kyle Hotz (25%), Stephen Segovia (25%)

Fans, ask your retailer for these variant incentive covers!

• Hotz “chaotic green art” cover retailer incentive

• Brereton “virgin art” art cover retailer incentive

• Syaf black & white art cover retailer incentive

ORIGIN OF EVIL PART 3! It's Ernie versus Widmark Prison's gen pop in a battle to the death, but Ernie's powers are running low - how will he survive?! Plus, Ernie comes face to face with his wicked foster father, Buford for the first time since his transformation! Will it be the last? Also, Uriel, the angel in charge of people's destinies comes down from Heaven to tell Ernie what's what and Smiley doesn't like it one bit!



32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +


Written by JAI NITZ



The Green Hornet is trying to re-make his image in Century City. The wealthy, brilliant and ruthless arms dealer, Gravilov isn't making it easy. Intent on using Century City as a base from which to ship death around the globe, Gravilov must first eliminate the Green Hornet and Kato. Gravilov's high-tech thugs have attacked The Hornet's Nest, leaving blood and chaos in their wake. Now, the Green Hornet will strike back. But, to defeat Gravilov, will the Hornet have to sink to his level?
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Cant wait until tomorrow to get my hands on Evil Ernie no 3, ive really been enjoying it so far, cant wait to see what happens when Ernie gets free to take his revenge ^_^

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Dynamite's Green Hornet comic book series is a disgrace to the very of the Green Hornet.

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Dynamite are always awsome for there previews

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D staff review dese books right?

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@bob808 said:

Dynamite's Green Hornet comic book series is a disgrace to the very of the Green Hornet.

And how is that? i'm just wondering.

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I am so let down by the Bonic Books. They should have just gone and got Rob Liefeld and really done up the the big dumb ass arm gun thing. To bad if they had used the bionic angle quietly it could have been really cool.

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Meh for the Hornet. Really looking forward to the reboot in March under Mark Waid's pen.

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what the hell? i diden't knew that evil ernie is back!!! i have to buy it, how's the series so far? good or bad? i loved the old ones from chaos so much.

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These titles are just truly awesome by Dynamite, no question about it.