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What some people are not aware of is John Carter wasn't the only 'Warlord' of Mars. He's not the only one that made the journey over and fought in battles. There was also Gullivar Jones. While they come from different backgrounds and stories, it makes perfect sense to see the two together.

With the second issue in stores tomorrow, Dynamite Entertainment has given us an exclusive extended look at the issue. (And you can check out the rest of this week's Dynamite previews HERE).


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Mature



Cover by JOE JUSKO

“Black & White” Retailer incentive cover by JOE JUSKO

“Negative Effect Art” Retailer incentive cover by JOE JUSKO

“Virgin Art” Retailer incentive cover by JOE JUSKO

Barely escaping the River of Death, Gullivar tracks the Thither people who have kidnapped Princess Heru. He makes several shocking discoveries along the way as he goes deeper into Barsoom's unknown regions. Gullivar's past will soon collide with John Carter's present.

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You was so disappointed to see the cover and realize that guy wasn't Luke Skywalker

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It's interesting. I've never heard of Jack Jadson before, but he's got a very obvious Joe Bennett influence. Which is very, very cool! Might have to pick this up and see what it's all about - As well as actually read the Novels the comics are based on!

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So good, better than Marvels version.

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For the first time since I've heard of this series, I'm actually interested.

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Definitely one of my favorites that is not on my pull list, yet anyway. In truth this is what should have comprised the movie, tales like these, instead of the Disney flop we were given. Go Carter and Jones!

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Looks pretty awesome!

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I love the original novels (or short stories, however you wanna look at it.) and I've read them all multiple times. I don't know if I will be getting this though, while it looks cool my pull list is already so long.