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Get ready for more vampire action as the fourth issue of VAMPIRELLA VS. DRACULA is about to hit store shelves. Things are slowing down and Vampirella is going to have her hands full. Check out the exclusive extended preview courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment. (And be sure to check out the preview to the rest of this week's Dynamite titles).


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

Written by JOE HARRIS



As the end of one cycle in his immortal saga draws near, Dracula finds his 19th century 'anchor' which he hopes might stop the repeating narrative he's longed to be free from forever. But he'll have his hands full, no doubt. For while Vampirella might be time-tossed, herself, and struggling to find her own footing in this never-ending danse macabre, the mysterious Order of the Dragon have their sights set on her as well. Hunted from all sides, she'll have to remind them all that she's a creature of the night all her own... and she's still got one hell of a bite!

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@That60sGuy said:

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This slipped my mind O_o

writes a note to get this with Prophecy

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Let the supernatural battle begin!

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Who wins? NO ONE.. From what I've learned from True Blood, their gonna have a good ole Vampire Orgy, hey, I might be wrong.

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Man I like this. I'll so go for the TP when its out.

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Amazing artwork

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once again....a waste of a great character in less than stellar storeylines and I am sorry to say this but I hate the artwork. So now not only is Witchblade getting a half assed attempt, so is Vampirella, my heart is broken today. :(