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There's a lot of comics coming out this week. Earlier we took a look at some exclusive extended previews from Dynamite for BIONIC WOMAN, EVIL ERNIE and GREEN HORNET. We have one more to look at from Dynamite Entertainment. There's a new story arc starting in THE SPIDER this week.


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

Written by David Liss

Art by Ivan Rodriguez

Cover by Francesco Francavilla

Fans, ask your retailer for the variant incentive cover!

• Francavilla “virgin art” cover retailer incentive

NEW STORY ARC! Police Commissioner Kirkpatrick lies dead. His wife grieves, and a twisted killer stalks the city. The Spider has inadvertently set into motion the chain of events that leads to his friend’s death, and now he’s out for bloody vengeance – Spider style! But will Richard Wentworth be able to resist the grieving window when she’s the woman he loves? It’s a game-changing issue of the neo-pulp sensation.
== TEASER ==
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Hard-boiled detective. Love Liss writing the pulps.

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The Spiders a dick and Nita a bitch.

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Yeesh, way to grieve for your husband, Nita!

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I like the twist at the end of the preview but this isn't anywhere near as good as Colton Worley's art from the last story arc. That was one of the main reasons I bought those issues. I think I'll be dropping this now.

Actually just noticed it still says Worley on the cover but the solicit say Rodriguez! Anyway that's def not Worley.

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there ya go spider .

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The art looks different, one of the main reasons i read this book is because the art is so unique, this looks pretty run of the mill. did they change artists?

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Ah mannn where's the cool art?

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I want Colton Worley back..

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Much better when Colton Worley was doing the interior panels. The first story arc from issues #1-6 was AMAZING!