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In addition to the previews to all of their new titles, Dynamite Entertainment has given us an exclusive extended preview to one of their upcoming releases, QUEEN SONJA #32, in stores tomorrow. It seems that Sonja's role as Queen might see a shift in the coming books. Will she remain queen? It all starts tomorrow (9/26).


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +




When the tournament ends, will a world war begin? Will the victor claim his spoils? Will the assassin meet the Queen's justice? Plots, within plots within plots are revealed and the future of Sonja's rule takes shape.

What do you think of the preview for QUEEN SONJA #32? Don't forget to check out the previews for Dynamite's other new releases here and let us know which books you will be picking up!

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Red Sonja is a complete and total bad ass.

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I have not read Queen Sonja in a while. I loved it but it got cut to keep to a budget..too bad

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sonja is a badass but shes so hot to while doing it.

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Haven't we seen this preview before...?

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She needs a movie or a show on Adult Swim/Toonami.

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I agree with NightFang!!

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might have to scrape some money together to start reading badass!

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The cover's creeper looks far too much like Kratos in my opinion. I love the art regardless though, and the interiors are great! Yay Sonja!

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Beautiful woman beautifully drawn.