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Vampirella's done a lot. She's been in many crazy situations. Now it looks like she's about to face something she hasn't faced before, the deep South. There's a new Vampy series coming in August and Nate Cosby is behind the wheel.

Check out this early exclusive extended look at the first issue.


(W) Nathan Cosby (A) José Luis (CA) Johnny Desjardins

FIRST ISSUE! She's fought vampires, aliens, magicians and monsters...but can she survive MISSISSIPPI!? While aching from a glowing wound made by a demon's blue blade, Vampi heads to the Deep South to unravel a mystical mystery tied up in an old flame, religion, and lots and lots and lots of blood.

Item Code: JUN130966

In Shops: 8/14/2013

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Hot damn!

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Looks Interesting, might pick this up

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PHOTO COVERS ARE BACK! All we need is a resurgence in grunge music to make me happy.

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Damn looks interesting

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Wow!! I wanted to read a Vampirella book, i think this must b the one.

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DAT COVER (drooling) and the stunning art makes me want to pick this up, but i've never read anything from Vampirella and I'm all out of money :(

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ThAt cover is good, but basically a cosplayer. Dynamites covers are usually just sexy women posing. I feel it takes away from the interesting characters and good story inside. Sexy women on the cover? YES! But not posing infront of a blank background. Dejah's covers are especially bad; Dejah posing with a gun... come'on dynamite. IDK, maybe they are good and I am just the odd one out..

Btw, I read Vampirella Strikes and it was awesome! Note that she doesn't have on her classic costume In the preview but it is hella worth it when she does get it on,When she gets down to business.

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PHOTO COVERS ARE BACK! All we need is a resurgence in grunge music to make me happy.


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Oh that looks awesome, especially the photo cover!

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Holy Cannoli! I love the art.

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That's appropriate?

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back to good art. will check out this series. i dropped the current series after issue 26, the magic had died out but i need my vampirella fix

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Like the cover

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I'm going to color now.

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Can't get either of Vampirella.

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