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Last month, just in time for the holidays, Boom! Studios released the first issue of Paul Jenkins' DEATHMATCH. The concept is simple, a bunch of superpowered heroes and villains have been abducted and forced to fight each other.

What makes it different here is the fact that because the characters are new, you get a real sense that none of them are safe. We got some nice introductions to some of the characters along with brief histories on some of the others.

Looking at the issue page for #1 HERE, you can see that several characters pages have been added to our database as well.

Carlos Magno provides the art. He has the task of not only delivering big superhero action but has several characters to put on the page. Each character has a different look and having the consistency to capture the unique feel of each character is crucial.

When it comes to reading comics, I sometimes wonder what the page process looks like. We usually only see the final version and being able to see the penciled or inked version isn't something that's always available. Luckily for us, Boom! has given us an exclusive look at a few of the pages. Check out the different stages for each page.

== TEASER ==

Page 2

Page 5

Page 14

Page 18

DEATHMATCH #2 is on sale this week!!

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What's Machamp doing on the cover?

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Very cool. I would like seeing more art process posts like this in the future.

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Can't wait for this. Wasn't sure if it would be worth picking up issue 1 but man am I glad I did. Love the concept, and it's full of mystery, so you're hooked in to see what will happen next.

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I love how they included a question stereotype.

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I'm so excited for this! :)

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Looks great! I also love seeing the work in progress.

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Love getting to see this, so many people overlook the inkers and colorists who add so much depth to comic art. The pencils are the core, but the ink and color bring it to life.

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Rorschach? Is that you? What are you doing over in Boom? ::chuckles::