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Originally planned as a four issue miniseries, SUPURBIA became an ongoing series that tells the story of the wives of superheroes and the community they live in. Issue 5 appears to set for a March release with issue 6 in April.

Boom! Studios has given us an exclusive first look at the cover to 6 along with the solicit information. There's a lot happening in this issue.


Summer in SUPURBIA continues, only from Grace Randolph and Russell Dauterman!

Alexis and Jake grow closer as they investigate the suspicious presene of Hunt Tech, Hector Hunt's company, at the Superhero & Weapons Expo...Paul travels off-world to break the news of his divorce to his ambassador parents...Jeremy struggles with the prospects of life as the single father of a super-powered son...And Gio infiltrates a top-secret weapons deal that will have ramifications for the entire neighborhood!

Author: Grace Randolph

Artist: Russell Dauterman

Cover Artist: Stephane Roux

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Love Grace Randolph, and it's also a great book!

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Looks alright

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I must say that I was rooting for Paul and Alexis to pull it together as I knew that Paul wanted to fix things with her....all well

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I can't wait to get a hold of this series!

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Very, very interested in this.

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Awesome! Gotta try this out sometime...