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Boom! Studios continues with the ongoing series SUPURBIA. Originally a mini-series earlier this year, it's returned as a new ongoing title. The great thing about series like this is anything goes. The creators can do pretty much anything they want compared to other comics.

The first issue of this new ongoing is on sale November 7, 2012. Boom! has given us an exclusive first look at the covers and solicit info for the third issue on sale in January.


THE FAN-FAVORITE SERIES CONTINUES! After last month’s shocking events, Hella struggles to keep her carefully constructed suburban world from crumbling around her... While Jeremy and Eli attempt to escape the jungles of Mongolia, with the Daughters of Bright Moon hot on their tail, the Jenkins marriage hits a snag as Tia wishes to rejoin the “workforce...” Zari and Sara’s play-date is crashed by an uninvited visitor, and Gio makes an announcement that shocks the world, but none more so than Paul... All that, AND a cliffhanger that will have everyone talking. Don’t miss it!

Writer: Grace Randolph

Cover Artist(s): A: Stephane Roux B: Russell Dauterman C: Russell Dauterman B&W variant

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Awesome! I'm so happy for Grace.

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Who reads this? O_o

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Been waiting for issue 3.

@Billy Batson said:

Who reads this? O_o

Negative comment, check! Emoticon, check!


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@Billy Batson said:

Who reads this? O_o

LOL ? :D

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I read this.

It's called supporting something different in a market saturated with people in capes punching each other into buildings.

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Obviously some tongue in cheek and parodies of super hero comics, which are greatly needed nowadays. Just curious, though, is it an Anthology comic?

Wished we could get more promos and info about titles like these instead of the G-damn Batman all the time.

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@Decept-O said:

Wished we could get more promos and info about titles like these instead of the G-damn Batman all the time.

I know what you mean, but at the same time since they do have to cover the big two more often for the new readers on this site who are just getting into the genre. its the double edged sword of previews and reviews.

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@Trodorne: Totally agree. Just griping a bit but alas, the "Big Two" are where its at in terms of making this site exist in the first place. But enough about Batman.

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i thought it just came out??

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Gotta love the parody, combining superhero genre with the obvious Dynasty/Desperate Housewives angle. I'm intrigued now...

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This was a four issue mini about a half a year ago. All super heroes live on the same block as each other . It was more like a super hero extended family soap Opra . But the stories di have a few twists in the plots. Total different than the other stuff out there.

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Night Fox looks a lot like blue!Nightwing.

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@Trodorne: If not for the G-damn Batman's of the world we wouldn't even have books like theses. Batman and Wolverine pays the bills so books like these can find a market and be produced. Trust me, I am wishing for Milestone to have a comeback as well as other properties to return, but you have to go with the hot hand while you can