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Recently Boom! Studios announced the new series SUICIDE RISK from Mike Carey. The series will take place in a world with no superheroes. The twist is there are only supervillains instead. What does that mean for the police?

With the first issue in stores on May 1, Boom! had given us an exclusive look at the covers and solicit for the third issue, on sale in July.



Barely able to grasp the unexpected turn his life has taken, beat cop Leo Winters launches his own, off-the-books investigation into the super-villains that decimated his unit and put his partner in the hospital. With little to go on but the image of Memento Mori turning people into dust with all but a touch, Leo must delve into a her past to discover the key to his future...

Author(s): Mike Carey

Artist(s): Elena Casagrande

Cover Artist(s): A: Tommy Lee Edwards B: Stephanie Hans

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Oh I will check this out.

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Nothing but Villains you say?! I'm in!

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Hmmm...Mike Carey is a solid writer. Lets see what the art looks like.

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Might pick this up

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Never heard about this title before. Good to see a BOOM!'s featured in the CV news, too. I'll check this out.

A preview would be nice by the way.

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Def got this on my pull list. Very excited.

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Wow, I'm intrigued by the story!