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Steed and Mrs. Peel have been fighting the bad guys for some time now. In their latest series, it's no different. As it appears this volume of the series is coming to an end, our exclusive cover reveal gives the impression it just might be the end of John Steed and Emma Peel as well. Check out the cover and solicit information for the July issue.



Never so close to revenge... John Cartney has come tantalizingly close to defeating John Steed and Emma Peel before -- but now with the Cybernauts at his side, his plans may finally come to fruition. The devastating battle concludes in this can’t-miss finale!

Author(s): Caleb Monroe

Artist(s): Yasmin Liang

Cover Artist(s): Dan Davis

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I feel that the Avengers are the most underrated show that no one seems to care about. This show was amazing! And without it Emma Frost name would exist or neither would the Hellfire club in the mainstream comics. But this comic looks good I should check it out.

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Emma looks oddly peaceful in this cover. She looks more like she just fell asleep rather than knocked unconscious.

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I want to see Cathy Gale appear. I love, love, love Emma Peel and Diana Rigg but you cannot forget about Honor Blackman!

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Gotta love them Avengers! :)