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People often ask what comics are okay for kids to read. It used to be they could read pretty much any superhero comic. Themes throughout have changed and you have to be careful and check the rating on the cover, if there even is one.

BOOM! Studios does have some comics that are safe for kids. And they're also comics that kids will dig. We've recently seen Charlie Brown and the gang make their way to comic store shelves and later this month, the first issue of volume 2 will be released (on August 29 a second four-issue miniseries begins). BOOM! has given us an exclusive first look at the cover to November's issue #4.

It's no surprise to see Charlie Brown, Snoopy and his food bowl. It's an image we've seen many times. Regardless, seeing that smile on Snoopy's face is always great. As a cover reveal, this doesn't tell us anything about the actual issue. The important thing to get from this is the fact that comic is coming out. It's a great way to get younger readers hooked started on comics.

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i used to love snoopy when i was little. collected like crazy the toys from mcDs. might pick up.

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Snoopy is smiling?

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@VyseCarma: Kinda looks like a smile to me. Like he's so incredibly happy to be getting fed. He's jumping and doing flips.

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@G-Man: Well I suppose, I just remember Snoopy being much more... expressive.

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Why does it look like Snoopy is being thrown out of the house above Charlie? lol this looks wonderful though. Big time Peanuts fan here.