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Things aren't always calm and peaceful in Riverdale. This is something Archie knows too well. Something else he knows is what it's like to face the Veronica's ire. Thankfully he won't have to worry about that in this issue (because it's not his book). Kevin Keller and Veronica have been BFF's but it looks like that may be changing.

Archie Comics has given us an exclusive cover and solicit reveal for the October issue.


Kevin in “Charity, Schmarity!”—Kevin and Veronica fighting?! What could possibly set mild-mannered Kevin Keller off enough to engage in a full-on battle with his former BFF? A squabble over a charity event turns into an all-out war—but when they take their feud public, Kevin may learn some things about himself as well as some of his close friends that he couldn’t quite read before.

Life with Archie writer Paul Kupperberg lends his talents to a Kevin Keller story not to be missed!

Script: Paul Kupperberg

Art: Dan Parent, Rich Koslowski, Jack Morelli

Cover: Dan Parent

Wraparound Variant Cover: Bill Galvan, Rich Koswloski, Glenn Whitmore

Shipping Date: 9/25

On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 10/9

32-page, full color comic

$2.99 US.

Check out the variant cover:

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Cheryl Blossom. hot as always...

The funny thing about Kevin Keller. its almost no different than archie, it just more focused on a Homosexual character. I have issues 4,6,and 7. I think I should make it as part of my pull list. cause its been a good series so far.

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Team Veronica here always ^_^

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I met Dan Parent at the Denver Comic Con so I picked up the hard cover of the first six issues. It was just great classic Archie inspired gags, scheming, romance and school days life. Great stuff.

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No Sabrina action figure?

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@miss_garrick: My daughter would NOT approve. She loves Sabrina.

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It's never good when friends fight. :(

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for a sec, i thought the guy on the bottom let was wearing a Comic Vine shirt.

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I wouldn't touch an Archie comic nowadays, but Ronnie is still super hot!

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