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The sixth issue of HYPERNATURALS went on sale last week and issue #7 is on sale in January. The Hypernaturals are in the midst of their greatest challenge. Hopefully they will survive otherwise March's issue #9 could be pretty mellow.

Boom! Studios has given us an exclusive cover reveal for the ninth issue. It's a new story arc. There's a trade coming out in February too. Just in time for you to get caught up if you been missing out.

Tom Derenick cover



As the Quantinuum’s greatest menace, Sublime is used to having every single hyper-powered hero in the galaxy chasing after him. But now a mysterious new force has both the heroes and villains of the universe in fear for their very lives...

Author(s):Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning

Artist(s):Tom Derenick, Andres Guinaldo

Cover Artist(s) ): A: Tom Derenick B:Kris Anka

== TEASER ==
Kris Anka cover
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All my local buds in this little comic union we have in my area keep telling me I need to try this comic out. I might just have to jump onto this point now and go back for the others. Coolness!

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@RedheadedAtrocitus: It's a pretty great book, it's Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning unleashed on a cosmic universe of there own creation, what more could you want ^_^

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hey tony, quick question.. Do u think TEAM 7 or PHANTOM STRANGER will cancel next wave?

Team 7

October #1 24,895

November #2 17,559

Phantom Stranger

October #1 30,015

November #2 22,481

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@ccraft: dude, wrong forum

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I would ask on #askgman, but that would have taken to long. I needed to know a little sooner so I dont waste too much money.

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@ccraft: then send him a PM, but to answer your question nether of them will be cancelled next wave as they have only just launched also as long as it's a good story how would it be wasting your cash? P.S Team 7 is very good

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Wow! A good comic book and new characters idea. Thumbs up!