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The first issue of FREELANCERS from Boom! Studios goes on sale October 31. FREELANCERS is the story of two bounty hunters that were raised in a kung-fu orphanage and are trying to make a living in L.A. You can check out our interview with writer Ian Brill HERE to find out more about the series.

Boom! Studios gave us an exclusive first look at the covers to the third issue.

Note: Not final art.


Val and Cass’ search for their former instructor puts them on a collision course with the woman at the top of the Freelancer chain, Kathy Rushmore. Our heroines are outgunned and out of cash, but they literally can’t afford to fail. The fight that began way back at the Kung Fu orphanage spills out into the streets of L.A.!

Cover Artist(s): A:Felipe SmithB:Khary RandolphC: Khary Randolph B&W D: Felipe Smith B&W E:Stephane Roux

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This sounds really cool!

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Fast and Furious is what these covers remind me of. Simply wonderful I say!

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Sounds like an interesting title

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You had me at "Kung Fu Orphanage".

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heh, when I read Freelancers I immediately thought it meant Freelance Artists like me. ha ha.

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Issue #1 is only $1. Def worth checking out for a dollar.