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We've seen comics where characters die but DEATHMATCH is a different game. Paul Jenkins has set up a world with a huge cast of characters. As we find out more and more about each, there's still that feeling that no one is safe.

Now is a great time to jump on board. Issue #6 is on sale May 22 (you can read about it HERE). Boom! Studios has given us the exclusive cover and solicit reveal for the 9th issue, on sale in August.


The leader of the Protectors must confront the evil entity that has been terrorizing the prison, while the sinister intentions of one of the heroic combatants is finally revealed. Don’t miss the latest chapter from Paul Jenkins and Carlos Magno!

Author(s): Paul Jenkins

Artist(s): Carlos Magno

Cover Artist(s): Reilly Brown

You can find info on issue 7 HERE and issue 8 HERE.

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And cool

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@flazam: fifth and you should be robin

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@flazam: fifth and you should be robin

Thats a double joke cause Im the fith Robin

get it?

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Hmmm... Cool :P

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Good solid series so far, I'm enjoying every issue :)

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Think I have the riddle of Deathmatch solved.

"The fight continues and the true nature of one the combatants is revealed."

We have Dragonfly, Anti-Meridian, Manchurian, Sable, Melody Toon, and Cube left.

It didn't escape my notice that Manchurian was in one panel last issue in the key issue in which Meridian is torn to shreds by Anti-Meridian who leaves the message "I am One, I am Legion," while it looks for love.

The true nature of Manchurian is revealed. He's working for the Intelligentsia. He knows that Meridian loses to Anti-Meridian, and he knows that Dragonfly is supposed to defeat Anti-Meridian, but Dragonfly is opposed to killing. We see that in the first issue, and Omni-Engine repeats it last issue by stating that Dragonfly "killed a man and now he's lost his self-respect."

This whole Deathmatch has been about toughening up Dragonfly for his epic confrontation with Anti-Meridian. He's had one fight with Apex and has been held back in his fight with Cube while other rounds have progressed. The Rat was killed, paving the way for his confrontation with Anti-Meridian. Dragonfly will defeat Anti-Meridian because he will be able to show Anti-Meridian "love" since he knows that Anti-Meridian is a part of Meridian.

In this last issue, we saw two fights; one out of hate, the other out of love. Anti-Meridian hated Meridian and tore him to shreds. Sable "loved" Omni-Engine who asked for a mercy killing to rid himself of pain. Dragonfly saw both of these and learned from them. Now, he will be asked to fight Cube and kill him. We will see how much he's grown from his last fight with Cube in which he was almost killed.

On the other side, Manchurian will explain how he is working for the Intelligentsia. His origin states that he was "subjected to numerous mind-expanding experiments by a rogue intelligence group before breaking loose." The Intelligentsia is now claiming him back and Manchurian, who sold his soul to the Dark Eternal, isn't above betraying the rest of the characters. It's interesting to me that many of the alien-themed characters were killed off early, many of them having been affected by "The Rift."

Manchurian will defeat Melody Toon. He'll deduce when he has "vowed o destroy all that with which she feels she competes." He'll defeat Sable by deducing who she is and her origin. Mr. Chuckles knew who she was. Mink told Dragonfly that "if you ever found out who she really is it'd freak you out. Trust me. It's a doozy, not for the faint of heart." Mr. Chuckles speaks about Sable's "business manager" and scratching a smiley face on the hood of his "yellow Lamborghini." This implies that Sable is wealthy on a Bruce Wayne level, as she is patterned after Batman. Still, we have never seen her face, which will probably happen during her fight with Manchurian. Think that we may find out that Sable and Melody Toon are sisters. If you look at the cover of Deathmatch #9, their eyes are similar.

Dragonfly's battle with Anti-Meridian reminds me of the Swamp Thing confronting Evil and explaining that he doesn't know anything and cannot provide Evil with the answers that it seeks. Think Dragonfly expresses love towards the heroism and sacrifice for Meridian who is still a part of Anti-Meridian. At this point, Anti-Meridian is either defeated or else Dragonfly has to kill it. I find it funny that, at this point, it appears as if Anti-Meridian now looks like a young female.

This sets up Dragonfly vs Manchurian, who reminds me of Ozymandias in Watchmen, who explains the whole thing to him. Manchurian defeats people through his intellect. In the end, will he convince Dragonfly that everything had to be done this way? Deathmatch has been about ridding the world of all the heroes so that something like "The Rift" never happens again. At this point, Manchurian wants to be the only one left, but I think that we'll find out that Dragonfly's brother, John, mentioned way back in Issue #1 has been behind this. His brother John became a D.A. with the objective to "clean the streets of the vigilantes." I find it out that out of all the heroes, only Dragonfly is not in uniform and has been portrayed as Benny Boatright. I think in the end, Dragonfly will not side with Manchurian and will defeat him. Also, as the last hero standing, I don't believe that Benny Boatright will side with his brother. The "boat" will be set "right" by Benny and he'll either join his brother or remain a vigilante until the end.