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Have you been checking out DEATHMATCH from Boom! Studios? The idea is simple, super-powered heroes and villains have been gathered and are forced to fight to the death. What makes this stand out from other similar stories is the execution (no pun intended). Paul Jenkins has created a great cast of characters with deep backgrounds and you never know how might not survive the next battle.

Last month we had the exclusive cover and solicit reveal for DEATHMATCH #6. Now we're proud to give you the info for June's issue #7.


The battles grow fiercer and the bodies continue to pile up as DEATHMATCH hurtles towards the semi-finals! Inside the arena, thefabled detective faces off against her insane nemesis...and will amortal man have any chance against the power of a mad god? Outside thearena, the Rat struggles to decipher Glyph’s secret messages beforeit’s too late.

Author(s): Paul Jenkins

Artist(s): Carlos Magno

Cover Artist(s): A: Whilce Portacio B: Reilly Brown C: Morgue Pre-Order Variant

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Sooo excited to see where this goes!!

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@Or35ti: I know right, Sable and Rat ftw!

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I read #1 and never got anymore. Is this any good?

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I will take the Portacio variant, please...

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Yes, it's great. At first, reading #1, I didn't know or care about any of the characters. #2 comes out and I get a little more familiar. Clearly, at the start, these heroes represent other archetypes (Meridian=Superman, Sable=female Batman, Dragonwing=Spiderman, Rat=Rorschach), but then some of them die, which gives it an interesting element. Basically, it's a good mystery story with Jenkins tossing out clues and foreshadowing.