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Have you heard about Boom! Studios' upcoming series, DAY MEN? The first issue goes on sale July 10. Matt Gagnon and Michael Alan Nelson are preparing to unleash a story that goes beyond vampires. This is a book that will touch on those that work for the vampires, especially during the day. Hence the title. With a different take on the genre and art by Brian Stelfreeze, this is a series to put on your radar. You'll be hearing more about it here soon.

Check out the exclusive cover and solicit reveal for the third issue, due in September.


War continues to rage throughout the vampire underground, as David’s role for the Virgo family comes into question. But will Azalea, the mysterious matriarch, cast David out in search of a more proper wartime Day Man?

Author(s): Matt Gagnon & Michael Alan Nelson

Artist(s): Brian Stelfreeze

Cover Artist(s): Brian Stelfreeze

In stores September

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Fighter of the Nightmen (ah-ah-ah)

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@vendel: damn you! I was so going to put that.

Day man ah-ah-ahhhhhh

Fighter of the Night man ah-ah-ahhhhh

Champion of the sun!

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Absolutely love it! :)

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That's a nice cover, I don't really read much from BOOM! but I really wan't to get in to more of them books

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nice cover but...really another vampire book?

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nice to see a different take. Boom has been on my radar to check out haveva series or two in my backlog to read. unsure if i'll check this out.

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@perfect_10: Well I, VAMPIRE is gone and AMERICAN VAMPIRE is sorta on hiatus.

And I actually asked them how this will be different. Interview coming shortly!