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Who is the Unknown Soldier and where did he come from? What is his story? And why is his entire face covered in bandages? It's no question that DC has a huge gallery of characters, many of them whose first appearances date back decades ago. Unknown Soldier is one of those characters. Following his first appearance in STAR SPANGLED WAR STORIES # 151, the character that was first created by legendary comic creator Joe Kubert as a WWII soldier and master of disguise is making his return to comics.

In the upcoming G.I. COMBAT series, Unknown Soldier will be written by stellar creative team Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, so you know it's bound to be an interesting book. How much of the character will change? Is he still the man we knew him to be? Check out the preview for G.I. COMBAT #0 below, due to hit stores September 5th for an introduction to the war hero. Let us know if this is a book you'll be putting on your pull list.

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Ahhh man i was hoping to see how the final retail covers would look >.<

cool preview though :)

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Has anybody else been getting G.I Combat? 

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thats is the final retail cover, theres variant covers though

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I love the Unknown Solider part of this book

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Unknown Soldier! :D
What's J.T.Krul's name doing on the cover? <_<

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GI mummy ? Looks cool

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Hope this book keeps on trucking, it's better than a lot of the stuff DC are putting out

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Nice preview. Looks pretty interesting...

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

Has anybody else been getting G.I Combat? 

I haven't been getting it, but I've been borrowing it from a friend only to read Unknown Soldier.  
I wonder if DC is testing the waters to see if this can be an ongoing. I certainly would hope so, I've been loving it. 
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Unknown Soldier is amazing. War that Time Forgot, not so much. Can't wait til it ends and The Haunted Tank arc starts.

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@doordoor123: it is an ongoing 
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@Jonny_Anonymous said:
@doordoor123: it is an ongoing 
Not really; its an anthology that shares half the book with a different story. 
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i've actually been ignoring the Unknown Soldier of the books...perhaps I should go back and read them, then?

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@doordoor123: Oh you mean a straight up Unknown Solider ongoing, gotcha
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I really like this series.

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Got to pick this up!!!

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@zackattack529 said: @Cavemold:

Ahhh man i was hoping to see how the final retail covers would look >.<

cool preview though :)

They'll look like this.

It's a pic of Scott Snyder holding up his copy of Swamp Thing #0, if the link doesn't work, you can look for it in his recent twitter images.

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I honestly thought that was Hush for a moment on the cover. Boy do I feel sheepish. This title is amazing though...I should check it out sometime.

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Did anybody read the Unknown Soldier series Vertigo did a little while back?

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Cool design, reminds me a bit of Hush.

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Master of disguise, covered in bandages, got a chip on their shoulders. So Hush was pretty much based of this guy huh?

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

Has anybody else been getting G.I Combat?



looking forward to the Haunted Tank

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I highly recommend the Unknown Soldier written by Joshua Dysart. His book, Haunted House was a great read.

I thought it was better than Garth Ennis' attempt at the Unknown Soldier with that Vertigo mini. Which is strange, because I usually love Ennis' work.