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Just when you thought the story was over, today at Emerald City Comicon, Vertigo editor Mark Doyle announced the return of the 100 BULLETS creative team. Brian Azzarello reunites with artist Eduardo Risso, colorist Trish Mulvihill, letterer Clem Robins and cover artist Dave Johnson for a new miniseries.

What or who will be the subject of this miniseries? It will be none other Lono, the only Minuteman that was never deactivated.

The Minutemen were responsible for maintaining order among the 13 Families of the Trust. When their services were no longer required, their deaths were faked with their memories hypnotically removed. When we last saw Lono, he was shot and fell through a window. The body was never seen. We'll find out what happened in June.

If you haven't read 100 BULLETS, you might want to start now to be ready for when this miniseries goes on sale.

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Looks good.

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Excited. ^.^

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Tying up loose ends I see.

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@Billy Batson


Take mine too!!
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@WaveMotionCannon said:

@Billy Batson


Take mine too!!

It's going to be about Lono renouncing his evil ways and retreating to a secluded monastary to become a monk after seeing the light as a result of the 100 bullets ending. Hope you enjoy it ;p

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Fine by me.

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@Billy Batson: pfft You'd like anything with those names on it or related in anyway to 100 bullets. :p

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Yes, indeed.

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Yes, indeed.

The illustrated eulogy of [insert Billy Batson's real name] by Azzarello and Risso done 100 bullets style.

Billy Batson approved.

Am I right or am I right? :p

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Trade wait . Hopefully we get more news tomorrow

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There is a God after all

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Best comics news of 2013 and 100 bullets is a classic...

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I'm psyched. Though their last colab was terrible. I'm looking at you Spaceman.

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yeahhh :)

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There should be no other incentive to get into this other than the fact that Azzarello and Risso are the creative team behind it. Seriously.

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Hmmm...perhaps I shant divest meself of all me 100 Bullets trades......just yet......

Lono was my favorite character in the saga.

What If? Lono vs Marv.