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It's always nice to be prepared and know well in advance the books you want to pick up at the comic shop. So, in an effort to better prepare you, here are the comics being released by Dynamite Entertainment this November. Check out the art and solicit for each issue below and let us know what you will be putting on your pull list.


Written by:Victor Gischler

Art by:Aaron Campbell

Covers by:Alex Ross (25), Mike Mayhew (25%), Tim Bradstreet (25%), Francesco Francavilla (25%)

Revolutionary Part 1 (of 4) - The Shadow traveled to Nepal to investigate a strange glitch in his mystic powers. He left with only partial answers. Now The Shadow and Miles Crofton, his pilot and sidekick, pause in Paris to take on some gun runners who are smuggling weapons bound for Spain. But a dark-eyed Spanish beauty named Esmeralda complicates matters when Cranston is unable to determine her intentions. The Shadow finds himself smack dab in the middle of the Spanish Civil War as he juggles the fate of a single solider who might help shape the future of humanity.

== TEASER ==

Then we have two JENNIFER BLOOD books out in November.


Written by:Al Ewing

Art by:Kewber Baal

Cover by:Mike Mayhew

It had to happen! The trial of Jennifer Blood begins here, as the terrible events that tore apart the town of Revere are laid before the court - and it doesn't look good for Jen! And speaking of things that had to happen - the Ninjettes are back! And this time they're competent!


Written by Mike Carroll

Art byIgor Vitorino

Cover by Mike Mayhew

Jennifer Fellows' life is pretty full... Cooking, cleaning, shopping, helping the kids with their homework, plotting blood-soaked revenge on her murderous uncles. But to get to the Blutes, she has to first get past their enforcer Wendell Cortland.

When Jen's surveillance of Cortland uncovers a brutal and seemingly pointless act - an act that he is clearly hiding from the Blutes – Jen realizes that Cortland's secrets could ruin everything for her. Or, maybe, they could be exactly what she needs...


Written by Jesse Blaze Snyder

Art byJason Craig

Covers byArdian Syaf (25%), Dan Brereton (25%), Kyle Hotz (25%), Stephen Segovia (25%)


"Evil Ernie" is BACK FROM THE DEAD (SPOILER) & out to kill his would-be 666th victim, his wicked foster father, Buford! But will Ernie be able to keep up his bargain with Satan and murder Buford before his new powers run out?! He will if "Smiley" has anything to say about it! Jesse Blaze Snider (Hulk: Let the Battle Begin) and Jason Craig (Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash) reinvent the squeal with Dynamite's darkly funny relaunch of EVIL ERNIE!

The adventures of Queen Sonja continue in THE PROPHECY.


Written byRon Marz

Art byWalter Geovani

Cover byPaul Renaud

The world teeters on the edge of destruction as Red Sonja, Dracula, Vampirella, Pantha and their allies try to prevent the ultimate cataclysm. Sorcerer Kulan Gath and his evil forces stand on the brink of victory, the Army of Darkness has risen (bringing with it your favorite, chainsaw-weilding hero) and the lone hope may be for Sonja to make the ultimate sacrifice and become a vampire! The crossover event of 2012 by all-star creators Ron Marz and Walter Geovani roars closer to its earth-shaking conclusion!


Written by Robert Place Napton

Art byCarlos Rafael

Covers by Paul Renaud (50%), Fabiano Neves (50%)

Dejah and the weapons master infiltrate the deepest levels of the Barsoomian criminal underworld and are introduced to the "Red Circle" -- the organization they believe will lead them to Mortus. But can Dejah survive the battle to the death initiation process to reach the Red Circle's inner sphere?!

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Dat Shadow cover......

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Ennis left the Shadow? :(

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

Dat Shadow cover......

IDK what to say to this.

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@Billy Batson said:

Ennis left the Shadow? :(

:-O I didn't even notice that, he's not even writing the Annual :( 
@NightFang: Then my work is done 
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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@Billy Batson said:

Ennis left the Shadow? :(

:-O I didn't even notice that, he's not even writing the Annual :(

He's leaving after sixth one. F*ck it all :(
Well, at least he's continuing working on his Battlefields...

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Yeah, I saw it a day or a two ago :p
Looking forward to it but the sad part is where he says he has 15 scripts of Conan left to write <_<

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@Billy Batson: Conan is pretty good though. I see Gaiman is doing a book for Dark Horse 
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So I've heard. Going to start reading it soon. I just wish it would last longer.
As in possibly doing a book or that it's been confirmed that he is?

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Jennifer Blood!

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Prophecy needs a little bit of Ash.

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Red Sonja a vampire... look out world!

Also those Shadow covers are some of the best I've seen in a long time.

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Holy f**** on Evil Ernie. If I don't pick up that series, my evil shadow will stab me in my sleep.

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I want every single one of these! I'll wait for Prophecy to be in TP of course, but Evil Ernie I really want, and any Barsoom book in comic form is a must for me. Shadow #8 I'm glad to see its a new story arc. Gosh, Dynamite is just solid with its titles that come out..always and consistently.

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I wonder when they'll return Robocop series....

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Nice cover art

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I want to see the "Prophecy" comic book!!

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Can't wait for Prophecy! Red Sonja as a vampire?! Thank you Thank you Thank you Ron Marz!