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For a look at extended previews of BLOOD QUEEN #2, PATHFINDER: CITY OF SECRETS #3, MAGNUS: ROBOT FIGHTER #5, TUROK: DINOSAUR HUNTER #6, and DOC SAVAGE #7, click here.


Marc Andreyko (w)

Dave Acosta (a)

Emanuela Lupacchino (c)

FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+


Emanuela Lupacchino Black & White retailer incentive cover

Tim Seeley Black & White retailer incentive cover

In the 1980's, after a career-ending injury shatters her (and, really, her mother's) Olympic dreams, 17 year-old Chastity Marks finds an escape in a popular series of vampire novels... but little does she know that the novels conceal a secret underworld of blood, agony, and death - a world that she will be dragged into kicking and screaming. The classic Chaos! Character returns - reimagined, rebooted, and ready for blood! Join fan-favorite scribe MARC ANDREYKO (Batwoman, Torso, Manhunter) and artist Dave Acosta for the blood-curdling adventures of a girl who is most definitely NOT your father's vampire!


Fred Van Lente (w)

Roberto Castro (a)

Gabriel Hardman (c)

FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

An ALL-NEW GOLD KEY adventure spinning directly from the events of MAGNUS: ROBOT FIGHTER #4! Magnus is A robot fighter…but not THE robot fighter. How has the merciless LEEJA: HUMAN HUNTER kept the robot fighters from causing chaos on earth? And how does it tie into THE SINGULARITY? It’s overstuffed action and intrigue from FRED VAN LENTE (Conan) and ROBERTO CASTRO (Lords of Mars)!


Matt Brady (w)

Jack Jadson (a)

Gabriel Hardman (c)

FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Mature

If everything he loves is taken away from him, who is John Carter? Will the Warlord of Mars lose hope if he loses his friends, if he loses Dejah Thoris? If he loses Mars? Or will he fight all odds and even reality itself to get it all back?