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There are a lot of really fun books coming out of Marvel Comics lately, but one that has us really excited is WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN. We last left Logan and the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning facing off against the young Hellfire Club. The Club, which chose the worst possible moment to strike the students and their new school, seems to be doing everything they possibly can to destroy the students; question remains, why?

Written by JASON AARONPencils & Cover by NICK BRADSHAWColors by JUSTIN PONSORFOC – 12/12/11, ON SALE – 1/11/12
“[T]his is the book to watch.” – Joey Esposito, IGN.com
“Five Stars” – Sara Lima, Comicvine.com
“The next issue can't come soon enough.” – David Pepose, Newsarama.com

The upcoming fourth issue of WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN will not only see a new artist Nick Bradshaw joining the team, but will also see the addition of Deathlok whose most recent appearance was in writer Rick Remender's upcoming X-Force series. The critics agree, WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN is definitely a book you do not want to miss. Unless of course you don't like fun, in which case you may want to miss this book. The fourth issue of WOLVERINE & The X-MEN hits stores on January 11th, 2012. Are you looking forward to the fourth issue?

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He wanted to leave Utopia for the safety of the kids, but he's bringing in people like Deathlok? -.-

At least the art is a tad bearable, in that it looks less like a page full of clutter. Still looks ugly though...

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I will like to see Deathlok in the book,but I'm not sure if it will work that well.

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A dangerous cyborg soldier. Just the kind of role model and teacher needed in schools today.

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I like the art more becasue there is lless clutter.

I wonder how they will have Deathlok act here because it is a more lightharted series.

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The only think worst than the idea to insert Deathlok in this book is the art.

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Deathlok being an X-Men teacher? Ummmm.....ok. I guess I can stick with that.

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You mean he's not going to be sitting on his arse in Cavern-X anymore?

Anyways, by the looks of it I think Kitty agrees that Deathlok may not be the best teacher.

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I don't mind the art reminds me a bit of marvel adventures though

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If this art is fun I'm changing my name to Ebenezer Scrooge

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I think its hilarious Cyclops is on the dart board in the 1st preview page

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After Deathlok joined X-Force I was happy this news just made my day :)

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I'm a little confused. I guess we're gonna have to wait for some text. The art is shaping up tho, I can now tell who's who and what's going on

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Deathlok is a cool character but I'd rather see more of him in Remender's X-Force (as it stands already), rather than him joining the JG school. But I'll give Aaron a shot to sell me on the idea, anyway.
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They're diggin' deep to bring out Deathlok. When will we get the Death's Head teaching gym?

#16 Posted by BigTPotts (132 posts) - - Show Bio

whats up with the 7 or so nightcrawler babies

#17 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (41684 posts) - - Show Bio
@BigTPotts said:

whats up with the 7 or so nightcrawler babies

There Bamfs, inter-dimensional imps 
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who are these characters, i dont recognize them

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@Blizaga101: I think that is Rachael Summers and Graymalkin.

#21 Posted by Blizaga101 (1016 posts) - - Show Bio

@loupadam: graymalkin makes sense but i assumed the ginger women was rachael

#22 Posted by doordoor123 (3810 posts) - - Show Bio

Who are those little nightcrawlers?

#23 Posted by ragdollpurps (16846 posts) - - Show Bio

@doordoor123 said:

Who are those little nightcrawlers?


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@Blizaga101: I think the student is Gentle and maybe the teacher is Husk (a wild guess)
#25 Posted by doordoor123 (3810 posts) - - Show Bio

@ragdollpurps said:

@doordoor123 said:

Who are those little nightcrawlers?


Oh. I thought Nightcrawler was half Demon half mutant.

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@doordoor123: Nightcrawler isn't one of them, but you're correct.

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@loupadam: If that is Rachel, who is the red head in the image right next to it?  
And that is the worst image of Graymalkin I have ever seen. 
#28 Posted by doordoor123 (3810 posts) - - Show Bio

@ragdollpurps said:

@doordoor123: Nightcrawler isn't one of them, but you're correct.

Then why do they look exactly like him? And why do they seem to have the same powers?

#29 Posted by AgeofHurricane (7684 posts) - - Show Bio

Who the hell is that new girl?! (and I'm guessing the hooded teacher is probably Husk) and where's Idie!?

#30 Posted by ragdollpurps (16846 posts) - - Show Bio

@doordoor123: It's just a coincidence, but they're magical inter-dimensional beings, so their teleportation ability is magical in nature.

#31 Posted by frozenedge (1462 posts) - - Show Bio

Did anybody else see the cyclops dartboard lol. I wonder who's been practicing

#32 Posted by Baddamdog (2826 posts) - - Show Bio

@Blizaga101: @loupadam: The girl is Husk, her powers are freaking out and she's flaking everywhere and I'm pretty sure the boy is Gentle, a badly drawn Gentle

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Hmm, interesting. My first impression of Deathlok isn't that he'd be a great teacher, but hey. I'm glad he's getting recognition.

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@Jolt92 said:


lol, I read the title as 'Deathklok' as well. That would be so surreal...

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Poor Husk!! I hope this flaking/pealing gets addressed soon!!!

#36 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

The first page is amazing with Logan at the blackboard, lol. As for Deathlok...um...that's new. I'm puzzled now why he's there.

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I am loving the art! Don't know why people hate it so much. Not sure about Deathlok joining though. Probably better of with X-Force. Maybe Logan has drafted Deathlok in to as head of security or in a defensive capacity as opposed to being a teacher? He could just be giving a safety first talk in Kitty's class? That would be funny.

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#39 Posted by Miss_Garrick (1761 posts) - - Show Bio

Cyclops pic on the dartboard! Perfect!

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It's about TIME we get some Deathlok.

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You know, by looking at Logan in those pics, you wouldn't guess he has one of the highest bodycounts on Marvel Earth :)

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It's like Nightcrawler left a bunch of little puppies. I still think Deathlok should have stayed with X-Force

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@papad1992 said:

Poor Husk!! I hope this flaking/pealing gets addressed soon!!!

Yeah, that stinks for poor Paige.. I must have missed when that started...!

We have yet to see Chamber or Cannonball as teachers and we are getting a new teacher with... Deathlok?! I love the character, but I seriously don't know how that guy can be a teacher...! Maybe gym teacher or military tactics...? Hopefully he's not a full-timer. I think he is probably best off with Uncanny X-Force, he fit in really well there.

But seriously, I am loving the attention Kitty, Iceman, and Husk are getting, but I also want to see more Chamber and Cannonball. Either one of them should be seen supporting Paige with her skin issues... and I would love to see a rekindling of love between her and Jono... *sigh* the 90's...

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- Deathlok is now a teacher, didn't this guy just show up like 6 issues ago and they already trust him enough to join the schoool in any capacity? Security is really lax around here

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What's with those school uniforms? Are these the X-men or the Men In Black?

I'm only curious about what member such as Beast are going to do when they discover that Wolverine has his own secret hit squad of mutants while he's also running this school. Hypocrisy abounds there.

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I'll start picking this up when the art doesn't look like utter crap.

Seriously, Wolverine looks like a pansy, and Iceman looks like a 7 year old. And in the other issues the art was just the comic panel equivelent to a hoarder's livingroom.

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Two QUESTIONS ;O Why is there a naked Kid version of NightCrawler and whos the floating Blob thats raking the ront yard??????

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@TheCheeseStabber said:

Two QUESTIONS ;O Why is there a naked Kid version of NightCrawler and whos the floating Blob thats raking the ront yard??????


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Man, I just don't know about this book. I mean it's fun to read, but some of the things they've done, and are going to do just seem so off base. At least the art is cleaned up a little, but Wolverine looks really funny.

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Sorry, I couldn't even go past issue one with this series. I almost never do that and give it until three to five. I really don't see how this is THE X-Men book when stacked next to the other ones in any manner of speaking. I don't see how this compliments nor continues Jason's great work on Wolverine either. Deathlok works better in solo series and MAX (there's been a film in the works for awhile now, so this is no surprise either, but dithers that it was more a creative idea and less a commercial promotion). The only appeal I could find and still only receive from the page promo's is it makes me laugh. A comedic silly romp. I like that but that's why I read the Tick, not X-Men and certainly not Wolverine or Deathlok. Lol@fish faced art again like in the Uncanny Annual. Sorry, maybe later in a trade if I have the time, money and nothing to due for a long time.