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Comic conventions are often the place to get exclusive items. With variant covers rising in popularity, seeing con-exclusive ones is no surprise. When you make exclusives featuring the return of the Joker and Superman and Wonder Woman kissing, it's all simple Mathematics.

Today DC has announced three exclusive covers at New York Comic Con 2012.

The first is a slightly different cover for the JUSTICE LEAGUE #12 reprint.

The second (and third) brings two different versions of BATMAN #13.

This goes along with the die-cut covers for the month that Comic Book Resources debuted earlier today.

These exclusives will be on sale at the DC Collectibles Boutique at the Graphitti Designs booth (#939) for $10 each.

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3rd pic is awesome

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@notoriousmistersims: Agreed

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I'm soil getting this.

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Wow those Joker ones are GREAT. saw the die cut covers on CBR earlier. so what exactly does die cut mean?

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The Joker's cover looks terrifying.......LOVE IT.

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All great covers

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very nice =)

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Joker never liked so good.

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i dont like the die cast covers much. Id much rather have the regular covers to those issues.

and AGAIN with the Superman Wonder Woman kiss!? DC is really desperate to milk that concept for attention aren't they? i can just see DC on their website. "Hey guys you know what today is, it's the anniversery of your favorite super couple Superman and Wonderwoman! So go on down to your local comic shop to get your Anniversery variant of the kiss, and this time instead of a kiss at dusk, or at night, or in space...they are now kissing under water!"

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@Mucklefluga: You can 'pop' them off and wear 'em as a mask.

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Just added the Graphitti Designs booth to my favorites on the NYCC mobile app. Def gonna try to get these variants at the show.

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joker ones awesome

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Wow, they're really milking that Wonder Woman & Superman cover for all it's worth.

That Joker cover is wild.

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What doesn't kill you makes you... stranger...

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I'm thinking the Death of the Family story is really going to be strange. Great, creepy cover!

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Are these variants? Or standard covers for the said issue?

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2nd and 3rd COVERS! SOO GOOD

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I really liked the second and the 3rd one a lot. Very creepy with very little. 

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I want to see a sex scene between Superman and Wonder Woman. Obviously it can't be graphic, but with a shadow here and there ... they can show WW's face as she moans, etc. Just hoping. Whatever.

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Cool covers

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@muxnio said:

I want to see a sex scene between Superman and Wonder Woman. Obviously it can't be graphic, but with a shadow here and there ... they can show WW's face as she moans, etc. Just hoping. Whatever.

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I hope to get the Joker Variant

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I guess the Joker one is supposed to be he cut off his own face and is wearing it like a mask. that seems pretty pointless...

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Gosh I want all three of these O_O The Justice League one especially, but wow, those Batman #13 covers are truly amazing.

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I'm so looking forward to The Death of the Family.

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The 2 Batman variants are pretty cool. Nice. I don't really like the idea of Superman kissing Wonder Woman though. Lol!

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This teaser is better than the actual covers and variants...

Guess who's back?
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Well I hope someone actually dies in the death of the family, known character's please. !!!!! Alfred? Barbara ? Damian?Talia?Robin;)? Or Even Bruce wayne (so that Dick can replace him) There needs to be change or consequences if i'm gonna care about this :p I really liked the court of Owls , but in the end of the day there were no consequences or change really.p Batman's has gotten a huger rogue's gallery sure , but it get's kinda more ridiculous on the amount of villains there are in Gotham:P I mean lot's of people die there, who the hell want's to live there?!! Bane was right on nuking Gotham in the Dark knight Rises movie , if it were the same fiction of course (movie world ,comic world)

Bruce Wayne will forever be Gotham's guardian and he doesen't change ever, that's deppresing for me as a reader (i dont know how to make the tear icon). I want him more to evolve as a character ,but he doesen't. He still whines about his parent's in the Dark knight returns as a old sad lonely man....

Anyway i'll stop my bitching , Cool art bro:D

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@Duo_forbidden said:

The Joker's cover looks terrifying.......LOVE IT.

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I just can't like this new direction for the joker... *waits 2-3 years until things go back to normal...AS ALWAYS!*

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@DonFelipe said:

This teaser is better than the actual covers and variants...

Guess who's back?

Very good one.

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How can we get those???

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Someone help!