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Dark Reign has hit the Marvel Universe—and the Mighty Marvel Podcast is back from the frontlines with two of its biggest creators! Fan-favorite podcast host, and Senior Art Director, Jeff Suter sits down for two can’t miss interviews—one with War Machine writer Greg Pak and another with Mighty Avengers scribe Dan Slott! What does the future hold for this all-new, all-different team of Mighty Avengers? What is War Machine’s new mission? Jeff Suter brings you the answers you demanded, bub!

Check out them out at Marvel Podcast Central and go behind the scenes of both red-hot series!

Well, what are you waiting for? Download and listen to both podcasts right now!



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I love me some podcasts. 

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I thought it was interesting what Slott had to say about Hank Pym finally getting a permanent identity.

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For some reason my iPod didn't pick up the Slott one.  I can't wait for his reasonings of the Witch and Hulk.

The Pak one was cool. He said he might get some new armor!!!!