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Hopefully you're familiar with THE BLACK BEETLE. Eisner winner, Francesco Francavilla's character has had a couple appearances in DARK HORSE PRESENTS and it's time for a third.

Dark Horse has released the following teaser for the third act.

If you haven't read any of the his appearances, do yourself a favor and track them down. If you're familiar with Francavilla's art, you know why.

No other information has been released yet. Stay tuned to Dark Horse's blog as well as Francavilla's Black Beetle blog.

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Oh this is too amazing...I so want it...!

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I like Francavilla's art. I may have to try to locate the past 2 appearances as you said (:

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I love his art and Black Beetle run I was reading in Dark Horse Presents...

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Really dug the run in DHP. This is so on my pull.

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Might have to check this out it looks interesting.