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This winter Marvel is completely switching things up, creating new series featuring different characters and swapping writers on many of their ongoing books. With Deadpool's current ongoing series coming to an end, it's safe to say that writer Daniel Way has had a very long and relatively successful run on the title with 60+ issues under his belt. So what's next for the creator?

When asked in an interview earlier this year what he would be working on since his run on DEADPOOL was coming to an end, Way revealed he would be "working on a team book and...that's about all I can say." Considering the writer has ample experience portraying Deadpool in his comic book series, the obvious choice would be for Way to take over writing duties for Rick Remender on UNCANNY X-FORCE since, you know, Deadpool in on the team. This was the rumor that was circulating the net until today.

This morning Marvel unveiled the teaser image for a new book due to hit stores this December that would be written by Way and feature art from Steve Dillon. The teaser consists of one word: "Lightning" and an image of red cross-hairs set in a black background. So, what team book can we associate with the word "Lightning"? Thunderbolts, of course. So the big question we are left with, what Marvel characters will Way have the pleasure of playing with on the upcoming title? While we're hoping Deadpool (which would make sense considering the history of the types of characters featured on the Thunderbolts teams), we want to hear what you think. Who would you like to see on Daniel Way's upcoming Thunderbolts title?

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Deadpool's ongoing is ending? I thought Way was just ending his run on it.

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Thunderbolts... What does this mean for the Dark Avengers title? (Unless this is a new #1)

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@Scarlet_Rogue: yaa its ending then rebooting in November, two comedians are working on it, i forgot their names but tony moore is doing pencils.

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@Scarlet_Rogue said:

Deadpool's ongoing is ending? I thought Way was just ending his run on it.

It's getting relaunched at issue 1 and a new creative team is taking over, so kind of? I at least understand why Sara worded it that way.

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I'm happy to see the name "Thunderbolts" back on the cover of a book. I never liked that they changed the name, especially when half the time the book still focused on the 'Bolts and not the Dark Avengers. Also, as somebody who stores his comics in file cabinets by title, it really bums me out when the title changes. Not to mention its really weird to go through my Dark Avengers folder and see the jump from issue 16 to issue 175 and knowing that I'm not missing anything...

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worst creative team ever

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I just want to know what title Ryan Stegman is going to be on.

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I want him to finish his venom series.

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considering marvel just completely messed up thunderbolts, i doubt it's that

maybe a relaunched x-force but now led by storm or some crap

whatever it is, it'll be terrible. terrible writer + terrible artist does not equals great book.

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@X35 said:

considering marvel just fucked thunderbolts in the ass, i doubt it's that

maybe a relaunched x-force but now led by storm or some crap

whatever it is, it'll be terrible. terrible writer + terrible artist does not equals great book.

Storm with a pistol! She's back! After a messy divorce with T'challa she's back on the streets of Cairo robbing people with her gun.

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@TheCrowbar: Storm becomes a New Orleans cop as well as a single mother going through a rough divorce.........but luckily she's not alone when Neal Shaara (aka Thunderbird II!) comes along for the ride! CAN STORM CLEAN THE STREETS OF THE BIG EASY, OR WILL THE BIG EASY CLEAN THE STREETS OF STORM? $6.99.

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@X35: YES!!!

Her first issue will have "GUEST STARRING WOLVERINE!!"

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^Yeah. That's really cute.

No thanks.

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@pspin said:

I want him to finish his venom series.

I want his Venom series to be collected in a rocket and launched into the sun.

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i'd hate to see Dillon wasted on the Thunderbolts.

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Enough marvel who's doing xforce already !?

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Am i the only one that liked his Deadpool run? (well, what i've read of it anyway)

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Clearly this is a Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns teaser.

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If it is indeed the Thunderbolts, I predict the Dark Avengers timestream plot will wrap up with some members of the Dark Avengers, and some members of Luke Cage's Thunderbolts being merged into a new team to be led by the Red Hulk (which adds Annie and Machine Man into the mix). At the end of Hulk #57, Jeff Parker said the big guy will go on to lead a team, and one the writer is familiar with... Parker currently writes Thunderbolts/Dark Avengers. Who better to whip a bunch of current and former ne'er-do-wells into shape than a military man who is himself seeking redemption for his past sins? Who better to lead the Thunderbolts than the original "Thunderbolt" himself, General Ross?

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This will be awesome I say. Way's run on DP was stellar, and him tackling the Thunderbolts would be simply great I think.

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I would be more than happy a Thunderbolts story, just keep deadpool out of it. The great thing about the thunderbolts is that they have so many obscure characters that together make a good story and i think DP would demand too much attention and take away from what's made the book so good for so long.

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Man, I really hope Parker sticks with the thunderbolts. The Deadpool ongoing is just terrible, just an excuse to make a funny character say funny things with no substance to it at all. Uncanny X-force was the only book starring Wade that I enjoyed, because it treated him as a real character. Hopefully Marvel has something else up their sleeve for him.

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I really hope it's Thunderbolts and it's not the Dark Avengers team....they suuuuuuuuuuck....I've actually been skipping their parts in the book and just reading the Thunderbolt parts

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@sora_thekey: last week jeff parker announced, i believe at wonder con that dark avengers was continuing on with a repowered & newly walk-able usagent at the helm....also his latest issue of hulk, which is the last with red male hulk said that he would be "heading up a title that i'm familiar with (that's a hint)" which sounds to me like dark avengers, or now that i think of it, it could be a red herring and he's going to be with the new thunderbolts....i'm calling it now, red hulk is most definitely on this team

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Dillon? No thanks.

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@Green ankh: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Dillion is bad! And Thunderbolts are awesome!!!

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Didn't they say Punisher is joining a team book? This would be it. Love to see Deadpool and Punisher team up.

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This is the book with the worst creative team in Marvel NOW!

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Eb I hope it's not thunder bolts , i mean dark Avengers took Over there book

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The writer who made me drop Deadpool, the artist who draws the strangest eyes and lips ever, and Red Hulk and Punisher going nuts.

I think this might kill Thunderbolts for me.

And screw the people who diss Thunderbolts.

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@InnerVenom123: I must disagree with that, I thought it was fun and different take on the character, plus Skottie Young's art was great

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@Nowak: This sounds quite feasible. I'd read anything with Machine Man in it.

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He's clearly working on Thunderbolts from the teaser, but the cross hairs seem like a strange thing to show. Maybe Deadpool will be part of this team? But also I'm guessing the Punisher might be the reason for those cross hairs. Rucka said he'd be involved with some team when his solo series gets cancelled.

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I love the Thunderbolts but have gone off it since it became Dark Avengers. If Dillon jumps on the title, that's enough to make me never speak of it again. I can't stand that guy's art. It's just... terrible. Truly terrible.

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WTF goes on at Marvel's offices? "We had to change Thunderbolts into Dark Avengers because it wasn't selling, what do we do?" "Oh I know let's take a subpar writer and one of the worst artists we've ever employed and put them on it!" "That'll do".

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@Teerack said:

Clearly this is a Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns teaser.

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I'm thinking Thunderbolts or Red Hulk

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@Gritterr said:

@Teerack said:

Clearly this is a Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns teaser.

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Justice Like Lightning! But may be it's in reference to Thunderstrike. Ya that's a long shot.

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idk seems closer to Cable to me

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The Living Lightning is coming back? Muy bien.

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@X35: You were right. The creative team is a joke, the buck has been nothing but mediocre since it started.