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Wed, 10/1

Another preview from Marvel.  I thought the first issue was just okay.  I thought I'd be more excited over it.  Maybe if this would have been released earlier...?

The untold story of Magneto's rise to power continues! The mutant army grows with the additions of Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch, Polaris...and Charles Xavier?! Together, this amazingly powerful team sets their sights on the liberation of Genosha. But Magneto and Xavier have very different philosophies on human/mutant relations. Will they become enemies, as they did in our world...or will their alliance make them unstoppable? Christos N. Gage (HOUSE OF M: AVENGERS) and Andrea Di Vito (ANNIHILATION) bring you perhaps the most important — but never before seen — chapter in the House of M saga!

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cant freaking wait for the 1st

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............. House of M should be left alone now.

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I don't see a No Trespassing sign in front of the house...

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Hell Yes... I am getting this no doubt

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