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Evil Ernie is coming back to comics. If you read our recent interview with writer Jesse Blaze Snider, you have an idea what to expect. I've read the script and saw some penciled versions of some of the pages and I'm pretty excited for this. I'll admit I wasn't a huge Evil Ernie fan before but I do like what I've seen so far.

Dynamite Entertainment has passed along some colored pages to give everyone an idea what to expect. You might think you know Evil Ernie but you should definitely check out what is different and what is the same. The first issue is on sale in October. Be sure to let your comic shop know you're interested so they can place their orders. (Or you can order it HERE as well).


Nick Bradshaw

Writer:Jesse Blaze Snider

Artist:Jason Craig

Covers:Tim Seeley Wrap-Around Cover (25%), Dan Brereton (25%), Nick Bradshaw (25%), Ardian Syaf (25%)

Genre: Horror

ORIGIN OF EVIL PART 1! Ernest Fairchild was a kind and gentle soul...until one day something in him snapped, leading him to one of the most notorious killing sprees in American history. With 665 kills to his name, "Evil Ernie" requires ONE more murder to complete the ritual he started and seal his deal with the Devil. Problem is: he's just been EXECUTED! What led an ordinary boy to become a leather-clad angel of death? How does he wield such blasphemous power? And what is the secret behind his hideous smiley-face button? This October, you may hate the sin, but you'll LOVE the SINNER! Jesse Blaze Snider (HULK: LET THE BATTLE BEGIN) and JASON CRAIG (FREDDY VS. JASON VS. ASH) dive into the heart of darkness with Dynamite's bold, terrifying new relaunch of EVIL ERNIE!
== TEASER ==
Dan Brereton
Ardian Syaf
Tim Seeley

It might not be fully clear what happens on the first few pages but when you see the pages with text, it all makes sense. I won't go into more detail since I don't want to give too much away.

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Not enough cheesecake -___-

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@CaioTrubat: There's an actual story here. But if it's cheesecake you're looking for:

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I'm so ready for the return of Ernie and Smiley, its been way too long since he last tried to intact Megadeath, wonder if Chastity and Dead king will feature at some point

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Ugghhhh not interested!!

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Looks interesting.

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Looking forward to this, I can't wait to see what Dynamite does with the rest of their acquired Chaos property.

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Is this Ghost rider's cousin?

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Love me some Evil Ernie and Smiley! Can't wait to see how they change his origin without Lady Death being around. Onward to MegaDeath!

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Evil Ernie without Lady Death is like... like... Superman without Lois Lane...oh... wait...

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Must...get...or..else....zombies will attack!

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@SandMan_ said:

Is this Ghost rider's cousin?

Everyone hates to be compared to a skinny man with a bad case of flaming hair

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@betterboulder said:


So '90s

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@G-Man: I dunno, cheesecake and story can go hand in hand pretty handily. And not to get too topical, but on sex and violence, it is funny that 6 pages of gore with no talking is "story", but cheesecake is something other than story? ;)

Now a more important question raised by this preview's "grunge sucks" joke: was Ernie grunge, or thrash metal? I'd assumed he was thrash metal, and a bit of an 80s throwback at the time. Actually scratch that question, we know Ernie is metal.

Hack/Slash vs. Evil Ernie was very fun stuff.

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Completely awesome I say! Always been a fan of Evil Ernie here and this origin story arc is so my style. The violence is fitting...and hey, if there's not enough cheesecake in this preview, I'm sure more will be in the actual issue coming up :)

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@G-Man: You are my new hero, G-Man.

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I love Comic Vine, but i'm sometimes a little confused about the policies here. It seems that you guys are real sticklers for swearing and inappropriate language, yet you seem to have an open door policy on showing extreme violence like the pages above. I understand and appreciate that you need to show the broadest range of comics possible and that you are in a competitive field, but don't you think that some type of warning would be appropriate for art such as the above example? Just a thought. All i know is that if my kids happened to be innocently trawling through the content of Comic Vine (and lets remember that kids DO still read comics) and came across content like the one above, i would be deeply angered that there was no warning whatsoever about what was to come. What do other people think?

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@feebadger: I'm not really into censorship, and I don't think a site mostly for adults (and older teens probably) needs to be childproofed. But, I do agree that when it comes to censorship, it is oddly macabre and amusing how much gore and shocking violence is accepted more than sexuality, the nude human body, and language.

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@Judge_Dredd said:

@feebadger: I'm not really into censorship, and I don't think a site mostly for adults (and older teens probably) needs to be childproofed. But, I do agree that when it comes to censorship, it is oddly macabre and amusing how much gore and shocking violence is accepted more than sexuality, the nude human body, and language.

I don't believe in censorship either, Dredd, and i didn't mention anything about blacking out or changing the content of what is shown at all. All i think is necessary is a warning of what is to come. This is not censorship. On a site that has NO indicators as to what age demographic it is aimed toward, i think that possibly the responsible thing to do is to just give a heads up when it comes to violent content. This is a COMIC site and children WILL most definitely read it. (By the way, life long fan of Dredd and can't wait for the new movie to come out. How are you feeling about it?)

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Can't wait to see the how this turns out.

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@feebadger: I can agree that ratings and stuff like that aren't necessarily censorship, giving people an idea of what they're getting. But as of yet there isn't really a rating system for links, other than writing Not Safe For Work next to it. It just seems like another hoop to jump through if they have to write in parentheses next to each preview (for adults only contains gore), but I can understand why some would want that. I was more interested in the ol' sexuality versus violence thing, I'm always rooting for sexuality to be less taboo.

And hell yeah Judge Dredd. I am pumped for the movie, though it looks to be doing it's own thing. Judge Dredd and Anderson are the only characters from the comic in the movie, well and a guy Judge Alvarez who is a minor guy. Plus partly due to the budget it's less futuristic and stylized looking sci-fi. But, looks like they got Dredd's character spot-on, and it should be a great if a bit straightforward action thrill ride. Can't wait, and hope they get to make a sequel with Judge Death (and the Dark Judges).