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You may have heard that artist Mike Allred is going to be taking over artistic duties on some Marvel titles. Recently, he appeared alongside Mark Waid on DAREDEVIL #17 in what turned out to be one of the series' better issues. Not too long ago Marvel announced that Allred's talents would be appearing on other titles as well. Earlier this month is was announced that Allred would be joining writer Matt Fraction as the artist on FF, the new Future Foundation title.

Not only would the series be getting a new creative team, but it will see all-new members as well. The new team will include Ant-Man, Medusa, and She-Hulk; certainly a big change from the focus on the Fantastic Four kids. To commemorate the new team, Allred illustrated four variant covers to issue's 2 to 5 of FF, each cover spotlighting an individual members. When placed side by side, the covers create one large image of the team. Ant-Man will grace the cover of the series' second issue, Medusa will be the variant for issue #3, Miss Thing will be featured on the variant cover for issue #4 and She-Hulk on issue #5.

What do you think of the covers? Are you looking forward to Allred's more permanent return to Marvel comics in the upcoming FF series? Have you been reading FF and FANTASTIC FOUR? Are you excited about the changes to the team and to the creators on the titles?

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As cool as some of Allred's art is, I just really don't like the look of this book

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They're pretty plain :/

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I don't like the costumes, and who is this pink haired girl?

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@Miss_Garrick: Miss Thing, shes some random socialite that Johnny decided to put on the team just for the LOL's
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The art is pretty cool and the outfits are nice. What I want to know is, who is that girl hanging out in the Thing husk?

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Other than Ant Man, I dont care about any of these characters. But I will give it a shot just because of the creative team.

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... hmmm... Nah. I don't like it...

Don't like the style.... don't like the designs... Its too '70's and too silly. I'm not a fan.

The style Allred uses isn't for me... Don't see anything that excites me...

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This is stupid.

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The style seems a bit too 70s to be taken seriously. It's a shame as I like the roster, not including ms thing who is literally the stupidest thing I have ever seen in comics

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Not a fan at all

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I have the biggest crush on Miss Thing. I'm making her a mix tape. 

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I'm so exited for Alfred's work but I'm so confused about what's happening with ff current line up. I was under the impression ff was a popular series and people loved the kids why would they change this?

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Honest to god, I don't get it. I don't understand why people like Mike Allred's art. It feels to simplistic with weird defining eyes. To each their own, and by all means i've got many styles i like that many don't. I'm sure he's a great guy and i've seen support for him online, but i try to ask friends and none of them are big fans. So basically, what i'm asking is if anyone who likes his art would let me kn ow why they like it. I'm not going cut it down, i would just like a different perspective on his art.

P.S. i kinda like she-hulks face art to be fair.

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Looking forward to both books. Fraction has won me over...Check his research of the FF...probably the best thing coming after Hickman, who run was pretty epic...@blizaga101, MarvelNoW! Has everything going in different directions. FF kids are still there, just not staring.

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Art is really meh, costum is ugly, medusa and miss thing...seriously ?

I hope it will be well writted but i fear it will be bad.

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Oh, God, please PLEASE get rid of Thing-Girl!

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Dull covers, and very poor artwork.

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Miss Thing? Really? That is ridiculous!

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I don't understand any of this.

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god miss thing is the lamest thing I have ever seen....

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I'm suprised Medusa and Black Bolt don't have any children. She looks like she has a good pelvis for birthing.

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miss thing looks SOOO dumb hahaha

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Ms. Thing truly shows a lack of creativity from the creators of this one.

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I like this. Not really a fan of Ant Man or Medusa, don't even know who or what Miss Thing is, but She-Hulk is reason enough for me to check this out.

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The this, the very idea. Sort of a random grouping of heroes, love seeing it in Allred's pop artish style. Big and bright and super and very comic bookish. Can't wait.

I don't understand how some people can say they don't like this, the roster, the art by Allred, or the characters. Oh well. I am super excited.

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I'm face palming right now, my hands are blocking my eyes from the covers, when I remove my hands Miss Thing had better be gone. 3....2...1....oh son of a.....

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Not buying.

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@Jonny_Anonymous: Someone really need to put Johnny down if he's going to do even more than usual for him stupid things.

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Looks very kid friendly...and unreal.

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......miss thing......*Sigh*.....Nothing to see here....Might pick up #1 just for She-hulk tho lol

And why? is Ant-man grabbing himself? =/

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I had coloring books as a child with better artwork!

And, that was 50 years ago!

I do not call this a "style"...

Go, go, young gophers...

Gobble this crap up and there will be more at the end of the trail!

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I'm going to continue to read Fantastic Four, but I'm going to skip this series.

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another batch o variants, which means more money in marvel's pockets. anyone remember when comics just came with one issue and that was it? didnt marvel learn from x-men vol 2 number 1, 20 years ago?

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I'm digging the retro vibe, it looks like it could be super fun. I'm up for it

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I'm so disappointed by the turn that FF is taking.... turning it into another generic team book it would seem :/

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@BlackArmor said:

I'm face palming right now, my hands are blocking my eyes from the covers, when I remove my hands Miss Thing had better be gone. 3....2...1....oh son of a.....


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Watch, Miss Thing is going to be the bee's knees of comic in 2012. 

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Could someone plese try and convince me to read this series...? 'Cause Marvel ain't doing such a good job at it.

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I like the Medusa cover the best of all, but I have to say that as for the others, I'm a bit unimpressed. To each their own though.

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I really do not like the art on this.

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Wow, not seeing a lot of support for what is bound to be an excellent book. Nobody even seems willing to check this out, they're just happy to make snap judgments based on variant covers.Good job guys/gals. Sure, Miss Thing seems kind of dumb now but I guarantee within three issues she will be a fan favourite. Maybe it's just me though, I don't take this shit very seriously so this art style is right up my ally and Allred is truly one of the best in the business. What FF could use now after the dire circumstances of the last while is this lighter pop art style and hopefully some honest to goodness fun stories.

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I'm happy to see MADUSA in something again. That's great!

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I actually thought it looks cool.

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Yo! Who wants to do a Miss Thing Comic Vine page?