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Oh, hey, Forge, when did you get back?

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if only they would take lame-ass deadpool off my beloved thunderbolts and put him here :(

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Looks good but I'm sad about the last X-Force being disbanded.

Still Nemesis, Domino and Colossus will make an interesting team, and to see how Cable will juggle this with the New Fury team will be interesting.

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Very interesting. Like this roster.

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@Pwok21: That's the thing. The old X-force is NOT getting cancelled. I just read an interview on Marvel.com with Sam Humphries about how he's taking over from Remender on a new/renumbered Uncanny X-Force series. This team will feature Psylocke, Storm, Spiral and Puck (PUCK!!!! Pucking awesome!!) among others, and in the first arc, they're fighting Bishop. And, oh yeah, it's drawn by Ron Garney (RON GARNEY!!! I LOVE Ron Garney's work).

Just my personal opinion, but it's looking great so far.

So, that means there's two X-forces.

(I'm not sure about forum rules and stuff, can I post the link to the article here?)

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I gave the article a quick search after I saw your post and you're right, so that'll be interesting.

Not sure on Storm being in there (kinda contradicts X-Force) but Spiral and Puck make a whole lotta sense, plus fighting Bishop? Sort of wish it would be Cable's team getting some revenge but it should be fun. Plus it'll be fun to see how they overlap, team-up or if Cable's are fugitives (working behind Fury's back) whilst the others are Government / SHIELD backed.

Seems like everyone's pumped about Puck but I'll be honest Spiral is what really interests me.

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so forge is back from the dead & cable lost his arm & eye again........... is this another clone or is this cable also time displaced like the original x-men......... wish this team was more Summers/Grey based since Cable is still loyal to cyclops...... add rachel & x-man to the roster & complete this x-force team

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@Pwok21: Yeah, Storm's a weird addition for me too. But overall it looks to be centered around Betsy. Should be interesting to see how they interact with Cable's team. Also, I feel like Gambit should be on one of these teams.

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Agreed on all fronts there, I feel that Gambit could slot onto either team. Uncanny needs to drop Storm for Sage to be honest, but I'll wait for the other character reveals.

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The New Uncanny X-Force for me. They look AWEsome

a lot of Brains on this Team

( + )

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Unfortunately, that's the point of Marvel NOW! They're basically resetting some stuff. For this reason, anything that's happened to a character in a Marvel NOW! book isn't necessarily covered by canon.

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A bit late in the game, but this line up looks good. I like the idea of having characters who haven't been shown to interact much in the past together doing so now. Cable and Domino should be interesting and having Forge back is a relief, frankly.

Looking forward to this.

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@scuzz2.0: Watch the language, please.

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Outside of Colossus, this line-up is the first of the Marvel Now titles that really has me intrigued

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@Mercy_: Cant hep it, I'm Scottish. Plus i thought you had one of those auto editor things.

I'll try and keep a lid on it.

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Yes, Forge!

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@k4tzm4n said:

Dr. Nemesis looks like Kabal (Mortal Kombat) and Fantomex had a baby. And yes, the end result looks quite awesome.


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Once Remender's Uncanny X-force is over i'll be forced to go onto either this title or the other X-force title...not sure which one is going to be better.

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I hope one of these 2 X-Force books is good since I really loved Remender's series.

I wonder if Colossus will be out of the Juggernaut grasp

I wish they used Blaquesmith instead of Forge though. He is similar enough to Forge plus he already has history with Cable and is all around cool looking. Like ET as a blue collar action hero

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Colossus should have been kept as new avatar of Cyttorax