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Bishop's still a jerk

Cable #8
I'm wanting to like this series.  I'm getting tired of Bishop.  Let Emma at him and peel his mind like a cracked hard-boiled egg already.  I'm surprised that he doesn't blurt out Scott's secret about X-Force.  I don't think Emma even knows yet she's about to go searching through his mind. 
Here's the preview sent by Marvel.

Cable has taken the mutant messiah to a safe haven hundreds of years in the future — only to discover that this timeline is marked for destruction by a band of heavily armed soldiers claiming to be the remnants of the U.S. government. And that’s not even the worst thing about them! Meanwhile, back in the present, Cyclops — desperate to squeeze some answers out of Bishop — uses an interrogation so brutal, not even the Geneva Convention covers it: a few minutes in a room alone with Emma Frost!

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Nice art.

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Yeah Ariel Olivetti is pretty good.