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Saturday at C2E2, IDW Publishing great news for fans of all-ages comics. Classic Jay Ward properties will be reintroduced to the comic market in a new series.

IDW is teaming with DreamWorks Classics and Bullwinkle Studios. This Fall, fans will see the return of Rocky & Bullwinkle, Boris & Natasha, Snidely Whiplash, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Dudley Do-Right and more.

DreamWorks Animation will release a 3D comedy adventure Mr. Peabody & Sherman in theaters on March 7, 2014 which will be preceded by a comic series. IDW will is also planning a new ROCKY & BULLWINKLE series for an early 2014 release.

The creative teams were not yet announced but there are also plans for reprints of previously published comics based on Ward's characters.

There has been a shortage of all-ages comics lately and this sounds like it will be great for new and old fans of the characters.

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Ah finally. A comic where I can revisit that esteemed educational facility known as Wossamotta U

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I wish IDW would get the rights to Dick Tracy.

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A Peabody and Sherman movie? :D

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@g_man: Will our plucky heroes end up getting their own all ages comic? Or will the succumb to the plight of fickle parents who don't know what good entertainment looks like. Stay tuned to our next episode entitled:

A Rocky start!... or ... Moose not fail!

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I looooooove peabody...... I used to use peabody as a tag name like 20 years ago when I was a dumb kid...... God I'm getting old.

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Does anybody else feel really old for remembering these cartoons right now?

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some things should stay dead

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I grew up on re-runs, man this is awesome.

I really Enjoy all aged comics.

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I think the Adventure Time and My Little Pony comics have helped pave the way for a resurgence in All ages comics from certain publishers. Now if only the big 2 got their act together.

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I don't think anyone would be suffering too bad if a "Snydely Whiplash" comic never existed.

Hopefully they just do a crossover with the Punisher and he can put that villain in the grave for good.

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fires up the WABAC

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Sounds fun!

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Ahhhhhhh! Memories relived....nostalgia kicking in!