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Every once in a while we see some crazy crossovers. IDW has been putting out some interesting ones with the MARS ATTACKS franchise. Today at C2E2, they announced the latest - MARS ATTACKS JUDGE DREDD.

An army of angry green men on a mission of conquest will arrive in Mega-City One but they didn't realize the law-making legend would be there, in their way.

This September, it’s bug eyes and disintegration rays versus a fully loaded Lawgiver and a zero-tolerance attitude in the Brawl for the Sprawl! The series will be written by veteran Dredd writer “Action” Al Ewing, drawn by Mars Attacks’ “Joltin’” John McCrea, and sporting covers by “Gorgeous” Greg Staples.

Can one man stand a chance against an army of aliens with disintegration rays? Well, we are talking about Judge Dredd.

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O my God those aliens are done for

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Looks sick!

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Yeah, something tells me after Dredd is done with them they'll be WISHING for death by Indian Love Call

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This is so awesome, now if only there was a Dredd/Transformers crossover.

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This cover had already been used as a variant for the "Mars Attacks Kiss"-Special earlier this year. I wonder if there's any plans to do some of the other crossovers (based on previous variant covers), too? Especially...

Mars Attack Cerebus, Mars Attacks Chew, Mars Attacks Madman

These 3 would be cool!

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Lol poor poor martians.

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@donfelipe: I would love an Mars Attacks Chew crossover comic!

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@donfelipe: I would love an Mars Attacks Chew crossover comic!

Yup, that's one of the variants. IDW & Image have to make it happen! Ideally it would be a 4-part mini-series just like Mars Attacks Judge Dredd. Of course I would be happy with a one-shot, too.

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I loved that movie and the trading cards are gnarly

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I hope he kills them all. It would put some childhood terrors of mine to rest.

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Epic 0-0

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I didn't know the frontman of Cake drew comics. That's pretty rad.

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Good lord

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Those aliens don't stand a chance do they?

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Now why didn't I think of that... Great idea.

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What a classic movie...

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Dredd: Martians, you are charged with genocide. How do you plead?

Martians: Nyak! Nyak NyaK!!!

Dredd: Judgement...Guilty. Sentence...Death

Mars doesn't stand a chance.

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Aak, Ak-AAK!

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I am the jaw? Even that can intimidate a fearless alien man.

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Never really looked twice at the Mars Attacks series but I'll definitely pick this one up. I like how IDW has stepped up with Dredd. This summer they're starting Judge Dredd Classics every month

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They're dead.....

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We're surrounded by drokkin' Martians!

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Those poor drokkin' Martians...I almost feel sorry for them. Almost.