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Batman and Robin are in a sticky situation.  Can they escape before the Red Hood's plan reveals their identities to the world?  What will the arrival of the Flamingo mean?  Are you ready to witness the Red Hood revealing his identity to Batman?
Issue #6 is written by Grant Morrison with art by Philip Tan and Jonathan Glapion.  The cover is by Frank Quitely with a variant by Tan.  It's on sale Wednesday, November 11 with a $2.99 price tag.  Check out the preview courtesy of DC.
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I was hoping that this Flamingo guy would be totally nuts and awesome, making his costume easier to deal with. Anyone sense a possible team up to stop this guy? Can't wait for this issue.

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"(Batman:) Deos he have any idea what we're going to do to him once we get out?" Sounds like Damien has been influceing Dick, as much as Dick has been influceing Damien.    
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B&R is the best Bat book in a long time.
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Who the hek is that? Is like a hippie Joker O_O

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It's cool to see that Jason cares about Scarlet. But I wonder where the gray streak in his hair went?

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this looks badass
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That would be disappointing if Red Hood's identity gets exposed. It's nice to finally know at some point, but I'm always happy to wait years for it as long as the story is interesting enough. Readers now just seem to require instant gratification.

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I still cant stand Philip Tan. 

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flamingo looks awesome

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@burr787 said:

"It's cool to see that Jason cares about Scarlet. But I wonder where the gray streak in his hair went? "


R U sure it's Jason Todd?  The guy has reddish hair.
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@goldenkey: He dyed his hair when he was Robin. It said so last book.
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Nice! I'll be sure to drop by my local comics provider this Wednesday.

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I never thought I would be afraid of a Flamingo, yet here I am.

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@burr787: Looks like Flamingo kicked his buttocks so hard that it fell off
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Put on a happy face for Flamingo!
Great stuff, can't wait!

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can't wait to get this issue :D !!!!!!

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The Flamingo is the worst idea since Liberace dropped by the ridiculously campy, over-the-top 60s Batman TV show.
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So far the series has been really good. I am willing to give Flamingo a chance.

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I don't understand.. If you have the "Detective" series then why would they need to have the BAR series?
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i need this

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Can't wait to check this out!!

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awesome can't wait for this issue

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The Flamingo looks like the Joker.
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@Alpha said:
" The Flamingo looks like the Joker. "
lol yeah he sorta does
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I think i love the flamingo. And Scarlet needs Extensions