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Here's a preview sent by Marvel.  New creative team.  Christos Gage and Humberto Ramos.   Hmmm...not sure what to think just yet.  It's too bad about Mutant Zero.  Not impressed with her reveal.
THE INITIATIVE DISASSEMBLED begins here! The Fifty State Initiative stands revealed as a Skrull plot. Key personnel have left Camp Hammond, never to return. And that's the least of the shocking fallout from Secret Invasion. Is there a future for our heroes? It could be a moot question when the mad clone of Thor, last seen in CIVIL WAR, is revived and turned loose on Stamford! This is no idle hype, True Believer--after this story, the Initiative will never be the same!

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What's wrong with typhoid mary's face? why is it two toned?

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pixelized said:
"What's wrong with typhoid mary's face? why is it two toned?"
She used some of the Wal Mart Brand Face Cream... and now its totally disfigured her...
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Gauntlet in a suit, like stuffing a shoe down a hamsters throat

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I'd also like more Jennifer Kale in upcoming issues, please and thank you.

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I'm excited about this arc.  I was kind of losing interest but this arc looks promising especially with the Shadow Initiative.