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Writer: Brendan Deneen

Artist: Eduardo Garcia

Price: $12.99

Full Color, 88 Pages

Here it is!!! Ardden Entertainment's third story arc in its critically-acclaimed Flash Gordon all in one pulse-pounding original graphic novel! After the jaw-dropping conclusion of the Invasion of the Red Sword mini-series, Ming has vowed vengeance on those who attacked Mongo, and is willing to travel to Earth to get his revenge! Can our planet survive an attack from both enemies and former allies alike?! Find out here! THE VENGEANCE OF MING leads up to Ardden’s final Flash Gordon story arc, KING OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, coming soon!!!


Writer: Tom Peyer

Artist: Jimbo Salgado

Price: $2.99

Full Color, 28 pages

As the clock winds down to Ultimate Midnight, Phoenix, Grim Ghost, Wulf, Lomax and their time-lost partners battle across centuries against a foe bent on destroying what’s left of the future--but an ally’s secret treachery may doom The World’s Toughest Heroes!


Writer: Wayne Gardiner

Pencils: Maria Cristina Francisco

Inks: Larry Tuason

Cover: Gonzalo Ordoñez Arias

Full Color, 24 pages

Price: $3.99

INVASION IS HERE! Eloa and her friends discover their homeland being invaded by thousands of evil Dracons and Whitestick warriors. While Kaeli pleads for them to stay together for protection, impulsive Eloa instead mounts her swiftbeast Smuffy and rushes off alone to warn her tribe. It’s a rash decision that has grim consequences for the teenage princess far into the future.


Writer: Yann Brouillette and Michel Brouillette

Art: Marcus Smith and Olivier Raymond

Full Color, 80 Pages

Price: $5.99

The HEROES OF THE NORTH saga begins here! When the threat of an international terrorist organization looms, ready to strike North America, the Canadian government is forced to put together an elite team of superheroes - Heroes who kill. This exciting collection relates the dark origins of the controversial Canadian Shield; electro-blasting femme fatale Fleur-de-Lys; drug-addicted nanobot-enhanced Black Terror; loud mouth ninja 8 Ball; west coast speedster Pacifica; and the sultry queens of evil: the disfigured Madame Doom and the deadly Hornet. MATURE READERS ONLY!


Writers: Jim Krueger & Brendan Deneen

Artist: Dean Zachary

Full Color, 144 pages

Price: $19.99

Thirty-five years in the making! Ed Tyler is having a hell of a day. His mom is sick, so he's reluctantly returned home to visit her for the first time in years. His former best friend and ex-girlfriend are less-than-pleased to see him. But his day takes a turn for the apocalyptic when everyone in the entire town suddenly vanishes. And that’s only the first step in an alien invasion…an invasion that Ed is at the heart of….and nothing… and no one…will ever be the same!

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"drug-addicted nanobot-enhanced Black Terror"..... just.. no.