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Do you know who Kevin Keller is? He's been making the news since arriving in Riverdale. Next year he'll be getting his own ongoing series but before that, he's getting married in the pages of LIFE WITH ARCHIE.

Since arriving on the scene last year, Kevin has enjoyed a meteoric rise to becoming one of Riverdale's most popular teens, graduating from guest-star to mini-series to his upcoming starring title in the span of just over a year. Not only is he a hit in comic sales, he's fitting right in with the gang at Riverdale High having been elected class president plus representing his new school in a TV Game Show "Witmasters" and winning!

Although Archie may be the title character, he'll have to take a backseat for Life With Archie #16 this January when Kevin takes center stage! With the premiere of Kevin's series the following month, the one-two punch will pave the way for a knockout beginning to the year of Kevin Keller!

Source: ArchieComics.com

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My gay friend is named Kevin too.