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Not too long ago we caught our first glimpse at the character designs for members of a brand new team that is set to appear in AQUAMAN. Now the wait to be introduced to that team is over. In issue #7 of AQUAMAN, which hits store shelves on March 28th, we will be introduced to The Operative, Vostok-X and more. It seems that Arthur and members of 'The Others' won't be getting along very well -- at least not at first based on the cover to the series' following issue. Earlier DC unveiled the cover to issue #8 of AQUAMAN where we can see Arthur in the heat of battle up against 'The Others.'

“Aquaman vs. The Others! Ya’wara, the Operative, Vostok-X, P.O.W. -- if these are allies from Aquaman’s past, why is the Sea King in such terrible danger?” teased series editor Pat McCallum about the upcoming arc. “It’s a pivotal chapter in the story that will shatter Aquaman’s world!”

Why are 'The Others' so angry at Aquaman? If 'The Others' are Aquaman's former allies, then why are they all fighting with him? What do you think of the cover to issue #8? Have you been reading Aquaman? What do you think of the series? Who do you think is behind the destruction of Atlantis?

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haha what sort of woman goes into a fight wearing that little amount of clothing.

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@kingjoeg: wonder woman -__-

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@kingjoeg: From the looks of it, one with very few body image issues. (Or, you know - FAN SERVICE!)

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@KainScion: Wonder woman wears a little more, shes got a little bit of body armor.

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Or Dejah...or Sonja...;)

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that one lady looks like Calypso

anyways, looking forward to this!

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Should I regret not buying Aquaman? :(

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That Panther-person looks pretty sweet.

And I totally agree, she needs to throw on a shirt or something. lol In the comics I can't take Dejah seriously with her basically naked and commanding orders to troops who are clothed for battle. It is just odd.

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Maybe in the past, Aquaman said he was going to get them some beer, and he never came back, and they are TICKED OFF!!

Oh shocker, a near naked woman in comics. WHY!?!?!? Doesn't the companies realize how stupid it is to keep offending the female comic readers like myself? That's why I've always liked Wasp, she wears outfits that cover more then 80% of her body and look neat as well.

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Yess :)

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looks interesting.

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@zachkastner@Miss_Garrick:  She's from an indigenous Brazilian tribe in the Amazon and has a pet panther, what do you expect her to wear?
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@Or35ti: YES YOU SHOULD Aquaman has been the one of the 3 best books of the reboot easly and has the best artwork 2nd only to jh williams in batwoman, plus in this arc that begins next week BLACK MANTA RETURNS

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wha@Miss_Garrick said:

Doesn't the companies realize how stupid it is to keep offending the female comic readers like myself?

Why do you find it offending its about showing the beauty of the female form Why the hell is that a bad thing! and i know the whole bull about it being explotative but the female form is beautful there is no purpose for it to be hidden. would you hide your beautful wedding ring cus people would enjoy the sight of it??????

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That's a spectacular cover!

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@Or35ti said:

Should I regret not buying Aquaman? :(

naa not really. you can just get it in the trades when they come out. its pretty good. if you liked Aquaman in brightest day you'll like him in this series. same creative team. its one of the better series so far in the new 52. but its also a little overrated. but if you feel you need to read this series you can start with the new issue coming out tomorrow. its the start of a new arc devling into his past and who he was afilliated with. the main idea of the series so far is him trying to live a life on land rather than the sea with his chick, mera. and theres also a new ploit developing on Who Sank Atlantis...its geoff johns writting so theres bound to be some big event later in the series. but yaa..its rather good. :)

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@kingjoeg said:

haha what sort of woman goes into a fight wearing that little amount of clothing.

The best kind. :D

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@kingjoeg: See almost any other superlady published by M/DC.
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Others Sounds Interesting but the Main thing is Black Manta Returns.

How long is this arc anyway?

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@Or35ti said:

Should I regret not buying Aquaman? :(

I'm really enjoying it so far. It really takes the old assumptions and parodies about Aquaman and does away with them in the first issue. From then on, it's really entertaining stuff.

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That is a lovely cover, and I'm still kinda wishing I had gotten into this fro the beginning. Still, I think that's an interesting twist that The Others were in league with Arthur in the past and makes me all the more curious for this upcoming arc. If the end result is Black Manta's return, I'm all for it.

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Gonna start repicking up this series after #7, waiting for the trade for 3-6.

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Sweeeeeeet. I'm loving this current arc, with al the history of atlantis stuff

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I am soo excited!!

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Only DC book I'm interested in reading nowadays next to The Flash.

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Is that Snakeyes ? LOL

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Snakeyes, Marvel's Attuma, young Jason Vorhees escaped,Marvel mutated Black Panther,and the stripper chic/Rose Mcgowan? lol ,Please don't get mad at me?lol!!

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@kingjoeg: Tarot.....Yes I just made a reference to that stupid series.

But on a serious note I can't wait for this, Aquaman is my second fave book after Snyder's batman

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@kingjoeg said:

haha what sort of woman goes into a fight wearing that little amount of clothing.

Make love not war. ;)

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Loving this series. It's easily one of my favourites of the New 52 and I'm very excited for this new arc.

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@movieartman: Can't a woman be beautiful and wear clothes at the same time?

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So cool!

At this rate, Aquaman will be nearly evryone's favourite hero before long.

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I've been very intrigued to see these Characters. hardly can wait anymore

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Ok, seriously, Aquaman is in no way a bad book, or even a mediocre book, but even top 5 of the New 52 is SERIOUSLY stretching it. It's not too deep or complex, sure its making Aquaman a badass, and creating some nice mythos, but otherwise its pretty straightforward with only some average panel styling and artwork that is indeed very good but very standard in terms of style.

Great book, not an ultimate game-changer. I wan't to call it the 'Halo' of the New 52, where the fanbase gives it a overinflated ego it doesn't deserve..... but at least Aquaman deserves more praise than Halo. Top 10 at best, I have to give leeway for more expression of opinion. I wouldn't put it in my top 10, but I can see it earning a slot there overall. Not top 5 though, no way.

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My favourite book from DC.

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Loving the new Aquaman stuff. That is all.

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ha cant say i didnt see this coming

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@sethysquare said:

My favourite book from DC.

One of the most entertaining, no doubt!

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I'm just super excited to see the Others in this, the guy with the Armour looks badass.

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@kingjoeg: Does it really matter? Ya'wara is very sexy on this cover.