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@Omertalvendetta said:

@daredeville: Thanks a bunch for your response, clarified a little bit for me.

Glad I could help! Many people seemed to have misunderstood how that played out, you are by no means alone on that one. I just happen to have an excellent memory for story in comics and film. In literature or aural dictation, not so much! (I'm a visual thinker)

The delivery was a little awkward somewhere along the way, but all in all, good stuff. I think Fraction took a pretty interesting/ballsy route to telling that story between what people's expectations were and how things transpired.

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@jloneblackheart said:

@iLLituracy He didn't take it away, he made it so he would get weaker the further he gets away from earth. I guess he gave him his human appearance back (like he couldn't always do that) so he could get back in touch with his humanity (again). Matt Fraction just doesn't get the Silver Surfer and it's obvious he hasn't read much with him in it. Or he doesn't care. I was originally excited for this when I first heard about it. Finding out it's Fraction, I am a very disappointed. Fraction writing Surfer and Loeb writing Nova. No cosmic ongoings. Marvel Cosmic is officially dead.

I thought he did a pretty good job. Not as great as the Straczynski Silver Surfer: The End, but still an interesting take. He had Surfer desperately attempting to satiate Galactus forever going to lengths that Norrin Radd would not normally go to... only to have SS have to step back and realize that doing so would sacrifice his beliefs. Admittedly, it was not Fraction's best showing, but he took some interesting risks and pushed the boundaries of the character a bit. The end did seem to satisfy the needs of the new Defenders book, and felt a little like Galactus was being kind of a push over.. But he also knows that if he lets his favorite herald get in touch with humanity again, it will ultimately bring SS back into his service, because it will remind him that his greatest purpose is to save as many worlds as he can from Galactus' hunger. But Fraction also left a door open for SS by sending of the Priest to be Galactus' new herald... if the new guy does the job SS thinks he is capable of doing, then Norrin may not have to return to Galactus...

On the note of Marvel Cosmic... I don't think it's dead, but it isn't being treated as well as it should. DnA have done such a wonderful job with it over the past couple years, introducing me to scores of characters I didn't even know existed, and making them new favorites of mine. It is unfortunate they haven't gotten as much support or respect as they should have, however. I thought Fraction's story was more respectful, but it also dealt with a character who didn't have anything too drastic happen to him under DnA (correct me if I'm wrong).

I find Hickman's use of the Inhumans much more disrespectful to not only DnA's work but, their origins. I generally trust Hickman, but I really don't like The Inhumans and Ronin's arc in the pages of FF at the moment... He brings Black Bolt back, has him scoop up all the Inhumans, and they fly back to the Moon, leaving behind all responsibility they had assumed with ruling the Kree. He gives BB like 6 more wives (?!), which really undermines the connection he has with Medusa. BB doesn't talk, but Medusa and his bond is so strong that she just knows the decisions he would make. He rarely corrects her. If the guy has multiple other wives, there is no way the two of them could have that bond. The concept undermines not only the bond Medusa and BB have, but the uniqueness of The Inhumans themselves.

I buy the idea the Kree would have set up similar projects like they did on Earth on other worlds, but I don't buy the idea that Black Bolt has to be the King for all of them... wouldn't that ruin the idea that they are "elevating" the homeworld race when they put a guy from another world in charge of them...? Especially if they are as prideful as the Inhumans we know. I don't think they'd be too fond of that at all. And, for some reason the other Inhuman races all have the tuning forks on their head... Only Black Bolt and Lockjaw have those deals. Medusa doesn't have one, and Lockjaw's is pretty different from BB's and seems to actually be imbedded in his head, where BB's appears ornamental... I could go on. I just really don't like what he is doing so far with them.

I'm not crazy about Loeb on Nova, but he has been good in the past... just hasn't been as strong in a while. I think what is happening is Marvel is prepping to introduce the cosmic stories for TV and film opportunities. Both Nova and Rocket Raccoon will be in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Nova and another cosmic character are being introduced into Super Hero Squad Online this month, Super Hero Squad Show featured Thanos as the main villain for at least the first half of the second season, and introduced Captain Marvell, included a lot of screen time for Silver Surfer, and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is going to be bringing in more cosmic aspects with the inclusion of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Ms. Marvel this season. Then there is all this business of the Cosmic Cube in Thor and Captain America movies, leading into The Avengers, which is rumored to include a Skrull invasion. And there was that whole tease where we saw a physical Infinity Gauntlet shown at SDCC last year...? All this tells me they are positioning to unleash cosmic material into their Entertainment division. It is unfortunate that they do not seem to be giving more attention to DnA for really revitalizing the material, but then again, DnA are writing the Avengers EMH episode(s) with the Guardians... so that is something.

Time will tell, but I don't think cosmic is dead. Rather it is being strategically positioned for a bigger place in the Marvel U.

That got WAY too long.

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Is Loa in any of this!?!?

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What a random group...though I like the idea :D

I love this sort of continuity built upon what has been done so far... *stares at DC reboot* mphf...

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Fraction? PASS. *moves along*

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Glad to see the Silver Surfer back on the board. ;)

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AND Matt Fractions doing the writing?

Hell yes.

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@daredeville: I wrote a nice blog on what was wrong with the Mighty Thor and what happened with the Surfer. Fraction is also going to be exploring something that has already been explored. In fact, the first thing explored with his character in SS vol. 1. He went from mindless servant > finding his humanity > finding himself (ie making up for his terrible past and coming to terms with it > becoming herald again and serving cosmic consonance. Now he is starting over? He made the choice already.

His drastic change under DnA was becoming herald again and forsaking his freedom to better the universe and do what he could to ensure it's survival, as well as do his best to keep the death toll down. While I am for a new path for Norrin (I thought Pak's mini was very good), being stuck on Earth (again) and doing the same story over again was not what I had in mind. In fact, when he was rediscovering his humanity and was stuck on Earth, he was part of the Defenders! This is identical! And while this was a great take on humanity and had a great social commentary, we don't need it again and probably won't get it because Fraction is not Stan Lee.

I'll give it a shot, which I hate because I will be supporting a job for Fraction, and I will try to be optimistic. They can't all be as bad as The Mighty Thor, can they?

I'll have a big blog coming out soon on a recap for Marvel Cosmic this year and I assure you, the glory days are over. DnA have not been telling great stories these passed couple of years in my opinion. I'll give Loeb a shot with Nova too, even though the redesign looks atrocious to me. At least I have enjoyed some of his work, which is more than I can say for Fraction.

I don't see how Marvel Cosmic characters in other media is helping the comics any. Usually that means completed redesigns and reboots of what the real fans enjoyed in the first place.

The Inhumans is another topic. Create it and I'll voice my opinions on the matter. :)

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That's the weirdest team I have ever seen. Too much power for a too little space...

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how is the defenders a 'new' title?

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At last. On going featuring the Silver Surfer (among others). Defenders were a power house team in the 70s and the combination of Strange, the Surfer alone is a powerful combination. I have high hopes for this book. Matter of fact, this is the last shot Marvel gets at my money. I'm enjoying DC's relaunch right now and see nothing in Marvel that is really worth reading. Let's hope Defenders is a home run.

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I don't touch anything with Fraction's name on it.

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@movieartman said:
what the hells your problem fraction is still a billion times better than leob, morrison, millar (at this post Nemisis point) and even bendis and yall folks that grip about fraction not being able to write dialogue its still better than the usless banter bendis fills his books with that said givem a choice Rick Remminder would have been my #1 choice for writer on this book after his incredible uncanny x-force work and jonathan hickman my #2 that said i wouldnt trade him being off ultimates for this
Wow. Just wow. You must be trolling. You have to be. No one can be that wrong.
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@jrock85 said:

I don't touch anything with Fraction's name on it.