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The Good

Meiko, Kazumi, Sayaka, and Rei are female clones and they have a safe place for Luke Taylor and crew to stay, so they can escape the persecution of clones in America. I love what writers David Schulner, Aaron Ginsburg (AKA DrLawyerCop), and Wade McIntyre are doing here. The story just builds and builds, and more keeps getting added every week. Stories resolve naturally and they’re all satisfying. While the first arc was great, it’s only gotten better since Ginsburg and McIntyre jumped on to write as well.

There’s so much great stuff and so many great characters to focus on here. Gamma has become a real stand out, and seeing as he’s the smartest of all the clones, it only makes sense he’s the one negotiating with the Meiko and company.

Towards the end of the issue, readers are treated to an incredibly impactful scene as everyone is forced to choose sides between a couple of characters. It is pretty emotional, and the layout is downright brilliant. The flow and movement work so well, and it just makes the seen that much more powerful. I cannot wait to see how all this plays out in the next couple of issues.

This issue is the perfect blend of high-impact action scenes and storytelling. It’s a great balance and from the second page, featuring the female clones going to town on the men that captured Luke, the reader is off to the races with some beautifully drawn pieces by Jose Juan Ryp, featuring the colors of Andy Troy. These artists continue to nail it into the fight between Luke and Eric, which is incredibly intense and filled with awesome headbutts and railings breaking, a destructive and poetic fight scene which says so much more about these character’s relationships to the group than anything else.

Vice President Davis is back! I loved this character in the first arc. He’s the perfect antagonist for Luke Taylor and company. It’s great to see him back, and more importantly, the writers call him out by name. The last time anyone said his name was issue four (I believe), so many readers really had no idea what to call this guy.

The Bad

What an incredibly satisfying issue. As much as I hate saying “there’s no problems with this issue,” I really felt this issue was a home run.

The Verdict

CLONE is a top series at Image, hands down. This issue was one of the best in the past six months. It deals with relationships between members of this group in a way that feels real and true. There’s a few very powerful moments here, and it leads to an ending that will have you on the edge of your seat until next month. As always, Ryp’s art is engaging and beautiful to look at and his page layouts really keep this train moving. Without a doubt, you’ll see this issue as one of my top picks for the month.

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One of the best comics being published right now

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CLone is def my favorite Image series. SAGA is too overrated in my opinion even though I love Brian K Vaughn and his other work.

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CLone is def my favorite Image series. SAGA is too overrated in my opinion even though I love Brian K Vaughn and his other work.

Clone has taken over as my favorite series. Saga is great, but Clone just works on so many levels.

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Saga is great but something big needs to happen. Clone, on the other hand, still appears fresh. I love both books by the way.

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Thanks to the consistently good reviews by Mat and the comments within them, I'm going to have to finally break down and check out the first two trades.

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If they go there will be trouble...