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I did a thread of "what if she got fat" for Tigra, Feral and Wolfsbane. Now it's time for one to be made not about a furry superheroine from Marvel, but a furry supervillainess from DC. If Barbara Ann Minerva AKA Cheetah were to become a humongous fat load, if she were to become not as fat as the Blob or Big Bertha, but certainly well beyond obese, what would you think of this? And what do you think would happen, if anything? This is of course never going to happen, and no, if I were Cheetah's writer, I wouldn't make it so. But I'm asking the hypothetical question. WHAT IF Barbara Ann Minerva AKA Cheetah turned into a corpulent cat of a blubber beast?

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@blackdemon: I'd probably think it funny and wonder what the hell happened to her XD. Like did she just put on weight or was she exposed to some weird enchantment/curse or WG formula or something? Either way, if this ever did happen, it would definitely have to be temporary/fixable because well, the Cheetah needs to be fast and agile to deal with Wondie and can't do that if she's bloated like a balloon lol. Still, something like that isn't likely to ever happen and would probably not be well received, more like something that you'd find in a Deviant art fan comic

P.S. might be funny if a God/Goddess used magic to make her fat as punishment for picking on Wonderwoman XD

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That would be an awful plot device for any character. I wouldn't really see a point to it. Cheetah is Wonder Woman's Lex Luthor, doing something like that to her would just be an insult to her character