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I don't get it the only logical reason was that she was a prostitute and that's all. I always though of it like this.

Catwoman: I hate being a prostitute so now instead of selling my body I'm going to start stealing money,jewels,priceless painting Yea that's the way to live to live rich (no sarcasm)

I always though of it like that and this a former prostitute turned badass ass whooper

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It's because every adult woman in Frank Miller's work is a whore or overly sexualized to the point of being grotesque. It's like that's how he sees my gender. As nothing but pretty faces, legs, vaginas, butts, and boobs.

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How is it logical that she start out as a prostitute?

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And besides being a prostitute, she was a dominatrix, which (someone correct me if I'm wrong) was COMPLETELY out of character for her. Not logical at all.

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Because Frank Miller is more sexist than Matt F****** Ward (Warhammer 40k).

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I don't think I care because I never liked Catwoman. I suppose the Year One portrayal is just my "case in point".

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Because it shows that Frank Miller can't write women who aren't (sometimes literally) whores.

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@mitran: no I meant the only logical reason to hate on it was that she was a prostitute

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@mitran: no I meant the only logical reason to hate on it was that she was a prostitute

Oh, makes sense. Well in that case, you already have the most simple answer. Besides that, for me, I didn't like how she started out. I don't know how it would be made better, but it was just too gritty for my taste. I prefer a more not light-hearted, but flirtatious Catwoman.

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@mitran: well that explaines why your favorite family is the spider family

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@lifeofvibe said:

@mitran: well that explaines why your favorite family is the spider family

What? I voted Wolverine in your other thread. Spider-man doesn't really have the traditional hero-family in my opinion.

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I liked it and everything about year one but I can see why some people didnt like her being a prostitute. But i was fine with it, she was poor, good looking, and needed money, what else would she do? And she didnt trust men so the dominatrix thing didnt seem too far off. And it's a frank miller story, stuff like this is expected...

I was even more fine with it because she quits that life at the end and becomes catwoman and actually uses her skills for something useful.

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@jayc1324: thank god i thought i was the only one

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I was disappointed by it and completely hated the origin, it was just so typical Frank Miller and I felt as though it was a very cliche choice. Of course, according to Frank Miller logic, the only way a woman can validate her strength is by being alluring and dependent upon men and there was no other way she could've survived but to sell her body. And of course, by almost classic biblical logic, a woman who is confident enough to take on Batman (or the male authority) must also be sexually promiscuous or a prostitute.

Selina would have to be very, very smart to be the successful cat burglar she is. I can't imagine she would've had no other options but to be a prostitute to survive. Dominatrix I MAYBE would've accepted since there's a whole philosophy to that but not a prostitute.

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It was my understanding that her being a dominatrix prostitute was just an angle she was working.

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@mitran: How is it out of character?

Personally, I think Year One origin is good - everywhere but Year One itself. Other writers did great things with it and I think it's cool to have such a prominent character be a former sex worker. Pretty much everywhere else they are always just victims im needs of rescue or pathetic evil harpies.

But I don't think Frank himself put anymore thought into it than "prostitutes are sexy". And I think there are some pretty shitty sexist undertones in it. And Year One is one of my favorite Batman stories.

But I also think a lot of the criticism the origin gets boils down to petty slut-shaming.

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@strejda: Out of character for Catwoman to be a dominatrix? So far as I know the only thing that might have hinted at that previously was that she carried a whip. Being a dominatrix was something that made no sense.

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I thought she had been a given worst treatment in The Dark Knight Returns.

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@mitran: Why? How does it not make sense? Newsflash: Sex workers tend to be perfectly normal people with other interests and are not defined by their job. I don't remember Selina ever being a prude or being against using her atractiveness to her advantage.

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I just never liked her being a prostitute. I consider Catwoman: Year One, Year Two, and Zero Hour to be her cannonical origin stories. In them, Selina grew up on the streets as a thief and briefly hid out in the East End posing as a prostitute at the age of 19 after a heist went wrong and she was being hunted. She obviously was turning tricks with Stan being her pimp. She stole floor plans for the museum from one of her clients which lead to her meeting Hellhound and The Armless Master. I guess it's something I have to accept. I'm glad they omitted this detail from her New 52 origin (although her new origin story sucked as well; thanks Anne Nocenti).