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We've seen the character posters for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which featured Cap, Black Widow and Nick Fury. Even Robert Redford got one for his Alexander Pierce character. Many have asked, where is Falcon's poster? Or what about Winter Soldier? His name is in the movie title.

Some international posters have surfaced and they did get their own posters. Looks like Black Widow got another one, which is just a close up of the previously released one.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens in theaters on April 4, 2014.

Source: CosmicBookNews via JPosters


Anyone familiar with JPosters? A couple people have said these may be fake. Seeing "Black Window" on Natasha's poster is a bad typo. Either way, these should happen.

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Falcon's look cool...wings look way different from the trailers though

BW is pretty cliche and boring

I like WS the best

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That Winter Soldier poster. I. Must. Have. It.

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Falcon looks cool (I never thought I'd say that)

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falcon looks pretty cool his and black widow's are must have (not her close one but the other one). but i cant tell that that's mackie, too much airbrushing. oh well. what country are these for, mexico?

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"The Price of Liberty is High" this is going to be amazing.

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Love it!

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Black Windowwwwwwww!

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The photoshopping on Black Widow is pretty gross.

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Black WiNdow indeed. (I am pretty sure "window" is not Spanish for "widow".)

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@perfect_10: I'm assuming they're for any Hispanic country haha. Also, gotta say I like Falcon the most.

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falcon looks dope im so looking forward to this movie

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"The price of freedom is high"



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They made Falcon look good? Step it up DC lol. (just kidding I love all comic companies).

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Widow looking sexy

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Good posters.

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I can't wait for this movie, but that Black Widow poster looks stupid

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Falcon looks awesome. Black Widow looks like a PhotoShopped nightmare.

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Falcon's my fav out of the three :), I don't really care much for Widow and Winter Soldier looks pretty badass.

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Eh, these don't look as great as the ones released earlier with Cap, Widow, and Fury. Falcon's looks okay, Widow's is just a cropped version of her earlier one, and Winter Soldier's just looks...uninteresting. I would have rather had the WS poster a little more close up, giving us a better view of the character as a whole.

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Falcon!!...that is all

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Spanish posters make everything better.

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Omg its a nonpudgy Black Widow. Bucky keeps looking more and more uninteresting but still looking forward to this movie...hopefully Falcoln gets some good screen time and they dont be really cliche with adding a black avenger.

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Yeah not impressed with Widow but she already had a poster. Falcon and Winter Soldier look great.

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Yeah, yeah, very impressive but nothing we haven't already seen

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Who cares of their fake, still great posters nonetheless! Falcon looks surprisingly great! Black Widow is looking both hot and badass. Winter Soldier looks like he's about to kick some American @$$!

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Dat Winter Solider.